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‘Face value o talent lang?’ Celebrities use wit against netizens who ridicule them for being celebrities

Luis Manzano, Tuesday Vargas, Richard Juan, Alessandra de Rossi and RK Bagatsing exchange rants with netizens who ridicule them for being celebrities after the stars voiced opinions on the pressing political issues

Luis Manzano, Tuesday Vargas, Richard Juan, Alessandra de Rossi, and RK Bagatsing react against netizens who look down on them by just being artists themselves.

Netizens call them, “bandwagoner”, or a person who starts to support a particular thing simply because they are trendy or start gaining momentum. This followed after TV stars aired their concerns our country is currently facing.

Last April 1st, varied political issues caught the heart of the netizens, including several artists.

This followed after voicing out their views and opinions the Philippines, our beloved nation is facing.

Amongst the hottest news people talked about: 21 rallyists arrested by the Police for begging for food assistance in Quezon City; National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)’s probe on Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto for allegedly violating the National Government’s Policy on COVID-19; The controversial “shot them dead” statement of President Rodrigo Duterte against leftist who will try to cause trouble during the enhanced community quarantine; Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission Commissioner Manuelito Luna’s plan to investigate Vice President Leni Robredo alleged competition with the government’s efforts against COVID 19.

These artists – Luis Manzano, Tuesday Vargas, Richard Juan, Alessandra de Rossi and RK Bagatsing included, used social media as a platform to express sentiments about the issue.

Luis Manzano. The 38 year old actor and TV host Luis, shrugged off all issues against him hurled by these netizens.

It all started when Luis tweeted two on-point questions; the first is about Vico Sotto being investigated by the NBI due to alleged violations against Heal As One Act.

In his tweet: “But the act wasn’t there yet for those possible violations diba? Or mali intindi ko?”

One netizen fired a tweet back saying, “it’s another trash, misleading news headline and you artists have reacted without comprehending its full context of speech.”

Seems this netizen is pertaining to the controversial “shoot them dead” speech of the President which made its way to several news websites as headlines.

In defense, Luis responded that his statement is not related to any headline for that matter but to that one issue of him being barred from commenting if he is not schooled.

Alessandra de Rossi. Alessandra, on the other hand, has taken the issue lightly/

She commented on the NBI’s probe on Vico Sotto and on the President Duterte’s controversial statement.

“Let the Pasig Mayor do his job”, You do Tiktok instead, she said.

She, however, is against the President’s command to shoot the people dead.

De Rossi was called a “Dilawan” or someone in favor of the Liberal party, after voicing her views.

Dilawan is derived from the official campaign color of the Liberal Party and has been used by the opposing party, the PDP-Laban of Pangulong Duterte,  to associate the term “Dilawan” to “The Cowardly”.

With a twist of humor, Alessandra replied:

“Money is not an issue, my gash!”

“And I’m not pro-yellow! At least, its my favorite color! I’m makaBAYAN!

“Don’t me! Not now! Toinks!”

Some others accused her of being “leftist”, and questioned her personality for being an artist.

The netizen said: “About being leftist.. the problem with you is you do not watch the news in full, and you artists just ride with the flow. Hope this will be a time to unite as one.

Alessandra’s answer: “How can we be united if you already categorize me as an artist? It’s too hard to be someone in this world!” My mental health is shocked!

Others have questioned the actress’s comprehension level.

The netizen said: “Comprehend first before commenting!”

Alessandra, who sounded like she is defeated, tweeted back in a Nora Aunor classic, “Okay Fine! I’m Sorry! I DID NOT KILL ANYBODY!

RK Bagatsing. RK Bagatsing also expressed his disgust against those sitting in the government.

He recalled the Php 275 billion government project intended for the Filipinos during the enhanced community quarantine and appealed to all politicians alike to be transparent because the supposed-to-be help is not felt yet.

In a tweet last April 1st, “To all the frauds and the mishaps today, I’m sure they know they will not have their votes in the elections to come.”

“Hoping that the  Php 275 Billion emergency fund for the nation will not be a retirement fund for some.”

Just like other artists, RK received the same hateful comments that questioned his worth to society,

One netizen said: “You are full of wit but looks like you have not contributed much (to this country), you are just famewhores!”

Bagatsing in defense said, “etneb etneb” for every “what’s your contribution” so we can save for your charity works. Then donate it to our frontliners.

The ‘etneb-etneb’ RK is tweeting about is a streetword popularized by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, which means ‘twenty-twenty.”

For every rant, these netizens throw, charge them twenty pesos. Save every rant they have and donate it to the frontliners as their contributions to society. At this point, it is clear that these keyboard warriors only knows how to rant and bash, and not actually helping the country.

One netizen tweeted: No matter how difficult our situation is, we never blame the government, but we continually cooperate with the government knowing it’s for our own good.

RK replied to the tweet; “This is all for you. We do this for your own good. Hope the help gets to you soon. Stay strong!”

Some celebrities have joined the cause and raised a significant amount of supplies for the poor including the actress, Lauren Young.

In this stereotype world, people think lowly of our local celebrities that the only thing they possess is beauty and talent. Their point of view is not welcomed thinking they are of lowly ranks.

Tuesday Vargas. Take a look on Tuesday’s tweet. Netizens bash her for speaking her heart out.

What they don’t realize there are artists who are beauty, body, and brains and have the right to speak whatever they want, wherever they want.

Richard Juan. Take Richard Juan for instance.


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