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Richard Heydarian chides Dr. Edsel Salvana over COVID-19 explanations

Richard Heydarian blasted IATF consultant Dr. Edsel Salvana.

Kapuso resident political analyst Richard Heydarian became the latest media person who lashed out at IATF consultant and epidemiology expert Dr. Edsel Salvana.

In a tweet Monday, March 30, Heydarian chided Salvana’s “expertise” on COVID-19 matters.

“Wait, is this the same “expert” who claimed “contained” nila yung CORONAVIRUS epidemic just weeks ago??? Koya: thanks to INTERNET, we can READ analysis by real TOP EXPERTS in the WORLD, kaya sorry nlng sayo and your “educational” tweets! Can we confirm these screenshots please..”

Heydarian pointed out the doctor’s contradicting opinions published on Twitter regarding the government’s efforts in containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The political analyst attached two screenshots of Salvana’s tweets with one saying the country already contained the virus last February and arrogantly saying, “We saved your butt. You’re welcome”.

The other tweet, on the other hand, implied frustration over the rising cases of COVID-19 and slamming lawyers and media people who are criticizing him saying “please call the media person and the lawyer to treat your COVID-19”.

Prior to Heydarian, Kapuso journalist Atom Araullo had a twitter exchange with Dr. Salvana.

Atom questioned Salvana’s tweet disputing DOH’s number of tests conducted in the country.

According to Atom as based on the DOH numbers, we are only testing 200 patients a day for a current total of 2,147 compared to Vietnam’s 30,548, Thailand 10,343, Malaysia 21,855, Singapore 39,000 considering these are countries that have smaller populations than the Philippines.

Salvana meanwhile refuted Atom’s claim saying the total test actually done by the DOH is 11,466 which translates to 1,000 tests per day.

The two however ended up agreeing to disagree with their separate analysis.





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