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‘Come on! You kiss my f*cking legs!’ Kathryn Bernardo fires back at bashers

Kathryn Bernardo trends with #SakangSiKath and #UnbotheredQueen

In her YouTube vlog, Kathryn Bernardo reacted to some mean comments, in particular some referring some to her legs as being “sakang.”

“Ang pangit ni Kathryn Bernardo. Sakang na, pangit pa!” Kathryn said that over the years, she has learned to love her not straight, “parenthesis” legs and she is completely unbothered by the fact that bashers say mean things about her legs.

“Alam n’yo, over the years natutunan ko nang tanggapin ang legs ko. Yes it’s not straight. It’s kinda ganyan, parang parenthesis, ‘yun ang sinasabi nila. Wala eh. Parte siya ng pagkatao ko,” said Kathryn.

Kathryn admitted that before, her legs were one of her biggest insecurities but she learned to love her imperfections. It’s all thanks to her on-screen partner and real-life boyfriend, Daniel ‘DJ’ Padilla.

Kathryn added, “I love my legs! Si DJ love din legs ko! Yes, it’s not straight, but wala, parte siya ng pagkatao ko. Tanggap ko siya 100%.”

See Kathryn Bernardo’s full vlog, “finally reacting to your mean comments” here.


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