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Crew members and co-stars to the rescue: The truth behind accusations against Coco Martin revealed

It was mentioned that Martin regularly checks on his crew and joins them during meals, even forming close relationships with them.

Director and lead actor of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Coco Martin has recently been the target of trolls and bashers after he showed his outrage over the shutdown of ABS-CBN during the “Laban Kapamilya” live.

This included news and testimonies from former co-workers who claimed that he was maltreating his crew members and co-stars.

But dozens of crew members behind the most-watched primetime series came to the rescue and answered all the accusations against Martin one-by-one, proving that the latter is a good person on and off the camera.

For example, a former ABS-CBN cameraman slammed the prominent actor for his lack of empathy and compassion for the show’s bit players as told to him by those who have worked with Coco.

However, the individuals who came to defend Martin stressed that the cameraman in the video is not in the position to accuse the actor when he did not experience first hand the supposed maltreatment.

Among the accusations mentioned in the video was that the 38-year-old actor-director would scold and say hurtful words to stuntmen which several crew members belied, saying Martin encourages camaraderie and does not look down on any bit players on the set. They also mentioned how the successful actor cares for his crew by providing meals on time.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Martin regularly checks on his crew and joins them during meals, even forming close relationships with them.

Even the accusation that Martin splashes water on workers was also brought up, but crew members and other stars behind the primetime series who witnessed and experienced it first hand said that it was just “harutan,” or playful antics among them, with the Ang Probinsyano lead star even being the target numerous times.

The former cameraman also slammed the actor over his #LabanKapamilya speech expressing his disappointment in the government for forcing the Kapamilya network to shutdown.

But to his defenders, Martin was just being true to his emotions and just like his character “Ricardo Dalisay,” the actor wants to fight for what is right and will not just keep silent knowing that many people are suffering.

In their video, Martin’s co-workers (co-stars and crew members), expressed their support for the Ang Probinsyano director, whose compassion, as they claim, is overflowing. They also shared that he helped them grow as actors setting as a good example to everyone on set.

At the end of the video, several co-workers of Martin, including the parents of the Ang Probinsyano kids Dang, Paquito and Ligaya attested to his good heart, as they shared how he has helped them have a good life, including paying for hospitalization expenses, providing scholarships, and providing livelihood beyond the set.

On a side note, aside from the former cameraman and bashers online, Arnell Ignacio also slammed Coco for losing his poise and temper during the “#LabanKapamilya Live on Facebook.

“Napapakamot na lang ako ng ulo, para bang kung ako ang kaibigan ni Coco sabi ko ‘Halika ka nga rito sandali muna, ibibrief kita. Para hindi ka nagwawala diyan ganitong ang nangyari, baka mamaya kasi tumalak ka ng tumalak babawiin mo lahat ng sinabi mo.’ Eh! paano mo babawiin, tumalak ka na ng bonggang bongga di ba?” he said.

Ignacio also stressed that celebrities should maintain their role as an artist and to be aware of their words and actions.

“Ang artista kasi yung kanyang role napakahalaga na imaintain mo yan eh. Eh tapos ngayon ito ka makikita ka na nagwawala ng ganyan tapos ang lalayo na ng mga sinasabi mo sa talagang dapat pag-usapan, so nabasag ang illusion,” he added.


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