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FICTAP’s false claims against ABS-CBN debunked

Netizens debunked false claims by FICTAP President against ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN’s closure continued to be a hot topic.

Netizens for and against the network’s shutdown continue to flood social media discussions and conversations.

And the latest angle being floated and proliferated on social media is the interview by veteran journalist Jessica Soho with FICTAP (Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines) President Neng Tamano.

In the interview on 24 Oras, Tamano accused ABS-CBN of cheating their franchise renewal process. She said ABS-CBN’s application violated the 1 franchise 1 channel rule because it indicated “channels” on the application which according to her justifies their multiple channels in TV Plus.

Tamano also scored ABS-CBN for their pay per view channel KBO which according to her is not allowed since their frequency is free to air.

The video of the interview has gone viral and is now being used by Duterte supporters to pin the blame on ABS-CBN.

However, in the absence of GMA Network’s effort to verify truthfulness to the claims, several netizens have come forward to debunk the FICTAP president’s allegations.

On claims of ABS-CBN’s use of multiple channels in one franchise, one netizen said under the law it is one franchise one frequency and not channel.

“One franchise, one frequency po. One analog frequency can carry three digital channels. I don’t understand how someone can own a broadcast/cable franchise & not be aware of this simple thing.”

The netizen also added that nothing in the law that says channel, but only frequency.

“Final thing: here is the RA7966, the 1995 ABS-CBN franchise renewal. Not once is ‘channel’ mentioned. Frequency, yes. Channel, no.


That view was seconded by another netizen who said one frequency can actually fit in 6-8 SD channels or 3 HD channels.

With the country’s shift from analog television system to DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) system, one frequency can now accommodate several channels. And if people have noticed that is why ABS-CBN channels in TV Plus are sequential because they are using 1 frequency range.

Meanwhile, on the claims of pay per view channel KBO, the issue was already settled during the senate hearing on ABS-CBN franchise violations.

In DOJ’s opinion, broadcast networks are allowed to engage in CAS (conditional access system) or pay per view unless it will not amount to CATV service.

“It is in our opinion that television broadcasters may be allowed to engage in conditional access system, more specifically to offer television pay per view services, provided that it does not amount to CATV service,” said NTC’s Gamaliel Cordoba quoting DOJ’s opinion during the hearing.

ABS-CBN’s only problem was they implemented it prior to NTC’s issuing guidelines but NTC said it’s only punishable by a fine of 200 pesos.

Aside from the two, another netizen has posted all the answers to the allegations via art cards.

On Instagram, @sipaoloto posted several graphic cards containing FICTAP’s false claims and the truth about it.

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