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Here are the stories behind Nadine Lustre’s new tattoos

Nadine has a total of nine tattoos and said that she still wants to have a butterfly tattoo.

Kapamilya star Nadine Lustre shared the story behind her latest tattoos.

Before the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), Nadine was able to get two new tattoos. One is her Japanese name on her right arm and a vine tattoo on her right index finger.

In an interview on Monster RX93.1 streamed on Facebook last week, she shared the story behind her tattoos.

Nadine explained that her last name was not supposed Lustre, but a Japanese surname Komiya from her great grandfather. After moving to the Philippines and marrying a Filipina, her great grandfather ended changing his last name to that of his business partner’s. That’s how their family got their last name Lustre.

“My uncle kasi I was asking him about our family tree. And we ended up talking about my great great grandfather… He said that our last name would not have been Lustre. It’s Japanese, it’s Komiya. It’s my great great grandfather. I think he said he’s Japanese, that he moved here, married a Filipina but he ended up changing his last name to his business partner’s last name which is Lustre. It’s so crazy, right?” she said.

She always got her fascination with the Japanese culture and with the confirmation she got from her aunt made her happy. So, she decided to have a tattoo of her name in Japanese “Nazomi Komiya”. Nazomi means hope like her name Nadine.

“It was weird like even as a kid I’ve always been fascinated with the Japanese culture and I always feel like I belong somewhere there. I’ve always had that feeling. Then my tito told me about it and then one of my aunts like confirmed. I was like ‘oh that’s crazy.’ It would have been Komiya. So my tattoo means Nozomi Komiya because Nozomi means hope and Nadine also means hope so I just kind of figured that out and decided to use that,” she added.

Another tattoo that she got was a vine tattoo on her index finger that means “to stay grounded.”

As of now, Nadine has a total of nine tattoos and said that she still wants to have a butterfly tattoo.

“I want a butterfly kasi you know like in class before they will teach you about reincarnation. I was always a butterfly person,” she said.

Just recently, there were some rumors that Nadine and her ex-boyfriend James Reid were back together after she tagged him on her Instagram post of their old photos with a seedling emoji caption as a birthday greeting.

The post immediately went viral as some of the fans interpreted that the seedling emoji caption would be supposed to mean “convey new beginnings or starting over.”

In another Instagram post, Nadine is also being productive at home during the lockdown as she posted a photo of herself with a caption, “Had a lot of time to reflect, write, cook, play computer games, plan ahead and slow down… also had a lot of time clearing out my space which is a huge achievement for me.”


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