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John Estrada slams artists, people posting their donations and charity work on social media

Even though some really mean what they’re doing, some are doing the deed for the sake of ‘good reputation’, self-gratification, and popularity. As this makes them more popular, other netizens intend to do the same to be famous, too, which destroys the true meaning of compassion and empathy.

Kapuso actor John Estrada recently lambasted artists and individuals who have to document themselves helping other people in need and then posting it on social media.

On his Instagram account, the 46-year-old actor shared with his followers a photo showing a smiling close up shot of Hollywood actor Jim Carrey with a short passage that about these individuals, artists and netizens alike, who give out food to the hungry but have to take a picture of themselves doing it to share or boast their “egoistic accomplishment” online.

“Imagine struggling with being homeless and someone comes with a camera in your face to give you a meal and you have to take it…imagine that feeling. Please, stop doing that. If you go help someone, do it with kindness and not with your ego – Jim Carrey.”

His post was a swipe at people who are just using the poor and their situation to be known or famous on social media.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the online world is flooded with videos in the form of vlogs and pictures of artists who are reaching out and providing food and assistance to other people who are in desperate need. Even though some are sincere with what they’re doing, some are doing the deed for the sake of ‘good reputation’, self-gratification, and popularity.

Estrada was not pleased with what he was seeing on social media. He even cursed these “pretentious people” for their ill-intention to help.

“Dba Jim….kung tutulong ka good..bukal sa kalooban mo…hindi pang social media mo..namo,” he said in the caption.

Fans and followers of Estrada who saw his post agreed with the actor’s sentiment.

While some pointed out that many artists in the showbiz industry do it, some suggested that the person who received help should be the one spreading the word and not the provider himself.

Meanwhile, prominent comedian Michael V and even Senate Leader Tito Sotto have the same sentiments as Estrada.

According to Michael V, now is the time to help anonymously and stop posting photos of what you have done to help the frontliners as well as the poor and hungry during this pandemic crisis.

Through his Instagram account, Michael V posted: “NOW is the PERFECT time to HELP out ANONYMOUSLY. Feed the people. Not the ego. #HelpingWithoutPosting”

Tito Sotto also criticized people who post their donations online as he thinks that these people are doing it to please themselves.

Tito Sotto said: “If you want to feed the hungry, then feed the hungry. But the moment you post it on social media, you are only feeding your EGO!”

However, some netizens opposed Sotto’s statement as they prefer to see people helping fellow Filipinos in the midst of crisis by posting it online as it somehow inspires them to be of help too, and stay positive in life.


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