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Liza Soberano admits ‘being an artista is really hard’

“I grew up with my grandparents. Eventually I was also adopted by them so by law, they are my real parents.”

Kapamilya Actress Liza Soberano revealed the hardships that she’s had as an actress.

Entering the world of showbiz was her ultimate dream since she was a child, but despite the glamorous life as an actress, Liza admitted that she has a hard time at certain times.

In an interview with Fr. Tito Caluag in the episode of “Journeys of Hope“, Soberano shared that her family has been her motivation for perseverance to enter showbiz at a young age.

“I grew up with my grandparents. Eventually I was also adopted by them so by law, they are my real parents.”

Returning to the country when she was 10 years old along with her grandparents, it was here that she learned the conditions that her father was living with.

She then decided to get involved in modeling and pursue an acting career, “I saw that as an opportunity to be able to help. Help my dad, help my siblings. My motivation ever since then has been to complete all of my siblings under one roof.”

Liza admitted to Fr. Caluag the hardships that she faces as an actress,

“Being an artista is really hard. You face judgment from a lot of people that you don’t necessarily know and you get criticized for doing something that you hope will inspire or make other people happy.”

But because of her family she’s really inspired to work extra hard for them.

“It’s not easy but my motivation has driven me to work extra hard and to not give up because I know that there are people that count on me.”

Recently, Liza spoke out about the online sexual exploitation of children during the COVID-19 quarantine. This was on top of many other social injustice issues in the news.

“I am ENRAGED. I saw so many videos online that absolutely broke my heart. An innocent man got shot, a teacher went to jail, and multiple street vendors. Is anyone doing anything about this???”

But some netizens criticized the actress for being enraged about the teacher who got jailed for threatening to kill the President.

Liza was also criticized for commenting on how the ABS-CBN shutdown has affected people living in areas hit by Typhoon Ambo because their usual source of information, ABS-CBN, was off the air.

“I hope this serves as an eye opener. Yes, there are options, but not everyone has that luxury.”

Trolls replied to this with their “Law is Law” argument which has already been disproved several times already.

But despite the bashings that the actress is facing, Liza used her influence as an actress to fight against sexual exploitation of children from online predators.


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