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Our frontliners are their major inspiration in this time of pandemic says ChardGel

Who gives inspiration and strength for Angel and Richard in times of pandemic?

When asked a random question from Regal entertainment’s Facebook live session, Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin were asked:  “Sino ang inspiration and the one gives strength for Angel and Richard?”

Richard answered that during the lockdown, it’s mentally hard just to be inside the house, and can’t go outside, thinking about when this will end. It’s making you paranoid.

“During the lockdown, mahirap like mentally just to be in the house tas hindi ka pwede umalis. Yung iniisip mo na kelan ito matatapos at may virus sa labas, nakaka praning.”

“But when you think of the Frontliners, they are the ones who gives me strength. If they are sacrificing everything just to fight this (virus), and to support our family what more can we people staying at home ask for?”

“Pero pag iinisip mo yung mga taong nagtatrabraho sa frontline, sila ang nagbibigay ng lakas sa akin. Kung sila nga sinasacrifice lahat to fight this and to support our country. Tayo pa kaya na nasa bahay lang, di ba?” said Richard.

“For me, every time that I’m feeling down or stresses ow whatever, iniisip ko swerte na nga na nasa bahay ako eh, sila andun sa labas. For me they are one of the major inspirations today aside from my family.”

Angel also agreed with what Richard had said.

Aside from her family, Angel said, “There are people who are very selfless to serve for our country to still function. Not only our health workers, but also those delivery men, people who give us supplies, employees at the grocery store, the baggers, cashiers, people working at the banks, and military personnel at checkpoints.”

She also pinpointed people who viewed checkpoints negatively.

“Mga tao ngayon pag nakakakita ng Checkpoint, parang ang negative ng tinigin. Kasi parang hinaharangan, di ba. Pero, sino ba ang gustong magbantay sa mga checkpoints? Sino bang gustong mag spend ng buong quarantine na malayo sa pamilya nila tapos exposed pa sila.”

“Iniisip ko yung situation nila. For me, isa yun sa mga hinahangaan ko, yung mga nagbibigay ng serbisyo na hindi man lang masyadong nabibigyan ng tamang appreciation.”


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