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Alex Diaz, Agot Isidro, Lauren Young, other celebrities slam DJ Loonyo for erroneous ‘mass testing’ remark

DJ Loonyo clarified that he actually referred to “clinical trials” in his statement instead of “mass testing”

  • Netizens and several celebrities called out Loonyo for his controversial remark

Internet sensation and dancer DJ Loonyo received a massive bashing online after stating his knowledge about mass testing through a livestream.

Loonyo or Rhemuel Lunio in real life, became the No. 1 Twitter topic on Wednesday as netizens called him out for expressing an erroneous remark about ‘mass testing’.

DJ Loonyo stated, “I just don’t know it’s like, it’s like, gagana ba tong bagay na to sa ganitong ano, diba? These, I don’t know kung anong gagamitin nila sa mass testing, pero kung ano man ang ipapainom nila o ipapagawa nila, it’s a trial and error, that’s why it’s mass testing.”

The internet star also said that “mass testing” should not be “mandatory” and it is pitiful to force someone to “drink” or “take” it which is not yet proven.

“Kaya kawawa ’yung, ano, kawawa ’yung magi-intake, kawawa ’yung mag-u-undergo doon kasi it’s not a hundred percent proven,” Loonyo said.

“It shouldn’t be mandatory, it should be encouraged. Depende na sa’yo kung gusto mong i-test ’yung sarili mo o gusto mong paniwalaan ’yung, ano, nila. But for me, why would you test me? I’m a human being? I will react kung ano ’yung ipapainom mo sa’kin. Pa’no kung ’yung pagpapainom mo sakin, magrereact ng medyo malala ’yung katawan ko? So I am dead. ’Di ba? So ’di ako naniniwala sa mass testing na yan,” he added.

The internet star was also slammed his remarks by celebrities like Juan Miguel Severo, Alex Diaz, Agot Isidro, and Lauren Young.

Meanwhile, former professional cyclist David Clarke was concerned Loonyo could “instill fears among his followers” for “spreading misinformation”.

Correcting Loonyo’s interpretation, writer-director Kip Oebanda explained that “mass testing doesn’t mean they are testing drugs on you. It is not a vaccine.”

Loonyo later took to Twitter to air his apology for making the erroneous remark.He clarified that he actually talked about “clinical trials” and not “mass testing.”

“First off, I apologize for the wrong use of terminology in that particular instance. My point is not particularly about the ‘covid mass testing,’ I was actually referring to clinical trials.

“I understand that the use of my terminology is critical, so I apologize for any confusion caused,” he said.

“Sa mga nagsabi po na mag-aral kami o mag-research, rest assured we have been doing that, kaya nga nandun kami sa punto na bukas ang isipan namin and we want to also be vigilant and see different sides of the picture para makabuo kami ng informed decision,” the DJ explained.

28-year-old DJ Loonyo became popular for his viral dance covers videos on TikTok. He gained more fame after being romantically linked to Kapamilya star/vlogger Ivana Alawi following their boyfriend prank on YouTube.

He is also the leader of a group named “Rock well”, which is very active in the entertainment industry.



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