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Bryan Termulo defends Daryl Ong after ABS-CBN ban: ‘I feel you’

He said Drilon showed him an online petition asking the government to grant the network its broadcasting franchise renewal which at that time needed only 60 thousand more signatures to reach the 1 million target.

Singer-artist Bryan Termulo defended fellow singer Daryl Ong amid the issue involving ABS-CBN Network executives who allegedly banned the latter from the network.

Termulo rose to popularity after joining Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 3 on GMA Network in 2007 but he became more famous when he moved to ABS-CBN and became one of the talents of Star Magic. He is best known for singing the theme songs of local TV series earning him the title “Prince of Teleserye Theme songs”.

On Twitter, the 32-year-old singer slammed the netizens who criticized Ong for speaking up and explaining what happened which led to his removal from the Kapamilya network.

Bakit yung iba nagagalit kay Daryl Ong? Nagsalita lang sya base sa experience nya. Di dahil attention seeker sya or what. Totoo lang naman sinabi nya. Kung experiences lang pag uusapan naku tahimik lang din ako. LOL I feel you Daryl. Ganun talaga ang buhay. 🙂 be strong,” Termulo posted on his Twitter page on Tuesday, June 16.

In a separate tweet, Termulo lauded the 33-year-old singer for remaining calm and grateful to ABS-CBN despite what happened to him.

“Ang pagsabi ng thoughts or opinion ay isang malayang bagay diba? Pero anyare kay Daryl Ong? Bakit ganun?

“I stand with Daryl Ong. Kita mo sa video the way he explains. Maayos, mahinahon, nagiisip, kalmado at galing sa experience, mula sa puso. Hindi mema. Kudos to you Daryl.”

He added, “Pag naranasan mo yung halos pareho nung na experience ng isang tao. Malamang yung sympathy mo nandun sa tao na yun. Experience is the best teacher talaga. I completely understand Daryl. Relate ako dun. O sya last na to. Lol. Idol ko din naman sya kasi eh.”

Ong, 33, recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he answered all the allegations surrounding his absence from ABS-CBN.

Ong’s appearance and guesting on Eat Bulaga and Wowowin—both programs aired by GMA-7 the rival of the Kapamilya station—triggered speculations that he left his home network.

In the 20-minute video, Ong clarified that he didn’t switch networks but admitted that he’s no longer a part of the Kapamilya network even before the Luzon-wide lockdown and the shutdown of the giant media station.

As he narrated the instances which led to his eventual ban from the network, Ong said that he and the other members of the BuDaKhel trio, Bugoy Drilon and Michael Pangilinan, were on an Iloilo trip for an out of town show when their conversation was ‘illegally’ recorded and handed to an ABS-CBN executive.

According to the singer-songwriter, they were talking about stocks when the issue regarding the ABS-CBN franchise was brought up.

He said Drilon showed him an online petition asking the government to grant the network its broadcasting franchise renewal which at that time needed only 60 thousand more signatures to reach the 1 million target.

Ong, however, had a different interpretation of the numbers and said it was only 60 thousand signatures, not 60 thousand more, and with the given deadline, it’s impossible to reach the target anymore.

“Sabi ni Bugoy na 60 thousand na lang yung kulang para mabuo yung 1 million. Ako naman nakita ko rin yun, ang pagkakakita ko naman 60 thousang pa lang yung nagsasign. So sabi ko kay Bugs [Bugoy] ‘Hindi, hindi 60 thousand na lang, 60 thousang pa lang at anong petsa na….Wala na yan malabo na yan hindi na yan aabot kasi 60 thousang pa lang anong petsa na,’” Ong, also a former cartoonist of ABS-CBN, narrated.

“Tapos nagdagdag ako ng comment na sabi ko mahirap yan, naku malabo na yan mahirap yan, kalaban ba naman nila ang gobyerno, si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban, so malabo na yan,” he added.

According to him, their conversation about the franchise ended there, however, they were not aware that the person beside them at their table, who appeared as someone close to one of the bosses of ABS-CBN, was secretly recording their conversation.

And that recording was eventually handed to one of the executives of ABS-CBN who decided to ban him and Drilon from all Kapamilya programs and events.

“After nun pagbalik namin ng Manila miniting kame ako ni ate K yung manager namin tapos kinuwento nya na yun na nga ah, ‘Daryl banned kayo ni Bugoy sa ABS,’” he said.

Now that Drilon and Ong were both banned from the Kapamilya Network, fans and supporters of the BuDaKhel trio are worried about their careers.

On Instagram, a certain netizen asked Pangilinan (Khel) if he’s still a contract artist of ABS-CBN to which the 24-year-old singer and former member of the boy-group ‘Harana’ replied with, “Never po ako naging abs, gma or kapatid. Kamundo po ako.”

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