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John Lapus denies Bryan Termulo’s claim that he had the same fate with co-singer Daryl Ong: ‘Iba Kayo ng experience’

“Naku iba kayo ng experience. Alam ko nangyari sayo. Promise. Kilala [mo] ako. Madami akong alam.”

“Naku iba kayo ng experience.” This is what comedian-director John “Sweet” Lapus told singer Bryan Termulo on Twitter.

Lapus was referring to the issue behind Daryl Ong being banned from the Kapamilya network. Many became curious when Bryan Termulo claimed that he experienced the same thing that Ong did.

Termulo expressed his support for Ong for speaking up about what really happened which eventually led to him being banned from all the projects of the Kapamilya Network.

While applauding his co-singer for his bravery to speak up, the 32-year-old singer hinted that something also happened between him and the media giant which captured the interest of netizens and asked him to spill the tea.

While some showed their support for Termulo, some commented that he just goes along with the tide to be relevant to the extent that he has to lie having the same fate with Ong.

Comedian-director Lapus also called out the “Prince of Teleserye Theme songs” and clarified that what happened to him was not in any way similar to what Ong did.

He said, Naku iba kayo ng experience. Alam ko nangyari sayo. Promise. Kilala [mo] ako. Madami akong alam.”

The comedian even tagged celebrity manager Perry P. Lansigan of PPL Entertainment Inc. and Chiqui, their common friends, whom he said can attest to his claim.

“Kahit itanong mo pa kay [Perry P. Lansigan] or kay Chiqui na mga common friends natin. Iba ang nangyari sayo,” Lapus remarked.

The 46-year-old actor and director also answered Termulo’s query as to why many are mad with Ong who was only speaking up based on his own experience.

According to Lapus, Ong was allegedly playing victim which some people weren’t buying for they believe that what he did was an ‘ungrateful act’ towards the network who has helped him.

Lapus replied, “Well to answer your question, para kasing may piparatangan na tao si Daryl sa post nya. Ang pinapalabas nya, nabanned sya kahit wala naman syang sinasabing mali. So baka yung mga nagagalit ay hindi naniniwala kay Daryl.”

“Or baka yung mga nagagalit ay alam ang totoo or baka kamag anak yan nong pinaparatangan nya na feeling nila ay inaakusahan ni Daryl ng mali. Again, siya ang nagsabi na may nagpabanned sa kanya ng wala naman syang sinasabing mali,” he added.

In response to one of Termulo’s tweets, Lapus replied, “Tama naman na ang pagsasabi ng thoughts at opinion ay malaya. Pero may pinaratangan syang mga tao na nagpabanned sa kanya, kahit wala wala syang sinasabing mali. So may magrereact talaga. Kung may karapatan lang ako magpabanned ng singer, aba, magrereact din ako.”

Moreover, Lapus implicitly noted that Ong wouldn’t be banned if he did not do anything wrong and ‘unacceptable’ that forced the company’s executives to do so.

“Di tayo sure sa banned kasi nag lockdown. At kung ako, bakit ko naman ibabanned ang walang sinasabing mali?” Lapus mused.

Lapus also claimed that no recording happened, contrary to what Ong stated on his YouTube vlog.

“Alam ko walang recording na naganap. Reliable lang talaga yung tao.”

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