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Matteo Guidicelli is trending for his 48K dislikes ‘unboxing’ PS4 video; receives invites from Michael V

Matteo’s unboxing video seems to be following the footsteps of Kim Chiu’s viral ‘Bawal Lumabas’ song which also garnered more dislikes than likes

If you are a certified gamer, unboxing a PS4 would rather be a trivial matter. But for Matteo Guidicelli, it was like unwrapping the greatest Christmas present ever.

On June 2, Matteo uploaded his first unboxing video on his YouTube channel, but it was only over the weekend when it gained the interest of the netizens and gaming enthusiasts.

The nearly five-minute video of him unboxing a sponsored package became viral and even trended on Twitter.

However, Matteo received major flak from viewers after carelessly opening the package containing a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which costs around P25,000, and two more games. In the video, Matteo nonchalantly tore down the PS4’s packaging sleeve apart before discovering that it should be kept intact for the console’s two-year warranty.

“Please keep the sleeve for extended warranty service… I just broke it, sorry. Anyways,” he said.

Further, he admitted that he’s not used to making unboxing videos saying, “I’m not good at unboxing, this is my first time. So maybe later I can learn.”

As the careless unboxing went on, Matteo shared that he’s “really excited for the PS5.”

The 30-year-old star revealed that the first-ever PlayStation console that he owned was a PS1 back when he was around 8 or 9 years old and it was his brother Paolo who convinced him to get a PS4.

As of this writing, Matteo’s first unboxing video has already more than 1 million views on YouTube. However, his video received a major 48,000 “dislikes,” tremendously higher than the 7,200 “likes” it garnered.

The Filipino-Italian male star received major criticisms from netizens who weren’t happy with the way he handled an expensive sponsored package.

Some even claimed that it just shows who he really is: a spoiled brat who doesn’t care at all.

This viral clip also spawned several reaction videos on YouTube coming mostly from gamers and fanatics of the PlayStation console.

A game creator even compared Matteo’s unboxing video to Michael V’s, a known toy collector, who has done several unboxing videos in the past.


there are two types of people… which one are you??grabe kayo guys magkaiba lang tlga sila ng way hahaha!!original video links:Michael V – Guidicelli –

Posted by Benjopop Gaming on Sunday, June 21, 2020

Learning about this, the GMA Network comedian-director responded hilariously, inviting Matteo to a PS5 unboxing collaboration.

On his Instagram account, Bitoy posted an edited photo of the two of them, with Matteo holding the still unreleased PlayStation 5.

Despite the major backlash that he received, Matteo seems unbothered as he casually uploaded a new video of himself using his new PS4 to play “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” on Monday, June 22. He even challenged his viewers to a game.

“I made it a point just an hour a day [to play],” he told his viewers.

“I’m still new to it here on the PS4. I’m really enjoying the PS4,” he added.

On a side note, Matteo’s unboxing video seems to be following the footsteps of Kim Chiu’s viral ‘Bawal Lumabas’ song which also garnered more dislikes than likes. As of this writing, the video has already more than 8 million views, with 247,000 likes, and 655,000 dislikes since it was posted.

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