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Thinking Pinoy distances from Mocha Uson after terrorist tagging

“This is how a Duterte supporter helps in destroying Duterte. Huwag tularan.”

Pro-Duterte blogger Thinking Pinoy has distanced himself from Mocha Uson after her controversial tweet tagging protesters as terrorists.

In his social media posts, Thinking Pinoy or RJ Nieto slammed Mocha for destroying Duterte by posting irresponsible social media posts that eventually damage his administration.

“This is how a Duterte supporter helps in destroying Duterte. Huwag tularan.”

He also added that Mocha shouldn’t be emulated by other DDS supporters saying political posts and comments on social media are tantamount to activism and that it will not help to stereotype it as terrorism.

“Do you not understand that by posting political comments on social media, you are all activists? Mag-ingat kayo sa pag-stereotype”

Prior to that post, Nieto addressed President Rodrigo Duterte saying they are trying their best to defend him and his administration but unfortunately some of his appointed officials are giving them a hard time which obviously referred to Mocha.

“Mr. President, we try to defend you whenever we should, but some of your appointees make that really difficult.”

Nieto’s rant came on the heels of Mocha’s latest blunder when she tagged protesters against the anti-terror bill as terrorists.

In a tweet which she deleted after getting a lot of traction, Mocha laughingly called the protesters as terrorists.

“Hahahahaha galit na galit na mga terorista nagtipon tipon na sila,” she said.

Nieto, Mocha, and Sass Sasot are the DDS blogger trio who were notorious in defending the President even to the point of spreading fake news on social media.

The three had a fallout when Mocha blasted the supporters of the gender equality bill, something that was being advocated by Sassot.


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