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Willie Revillame calls Janno Gibbs guesting ‘a miracle’

Janno said that there were some who texted him and were angry because they thought he didn’t appear on the show

  • Revillame calls Janno Gibbs guesting in “Wowowin-Tutok To Win” a miracle

“It’s a miracle.”

This is what Willie Revillame called Janno Gibbs’ guesting on Wowowin-Tutok To Win. According to the TV host, they have been praying that the singer would appear on the show.

On Monday, as the program had started, Revillame joked that Janno failed to show up again to give an opening number. Since Janno was not around, Willie said he would just let his driver sing. But when the camera focused on the singer, it was Janno Gibbs who was singing.

After his performance, Janno said that there were some who texted him and were angry because they thought he really didn’t show up because of Willie’s joke.

Revillame explained that he really planned to give a surprise when he showed his guest.

A few days ago, Revillame said that he wanted Janno as his guest onWowowin.’ He invited the singer but Janno did not appear on the show.

He even said that Janno’s guesting on his show was 15 years in the making so he considers it a “miracle”

“Alam mo bang gabi-gabi nagdarasal kami, nagpapadasal ako dito, darating ba siya [Janno]?… dumating, it’s a miracle,” Revillame said.

In response, Janno laughed and said, “Ako ba naman eh tatanggi pa ba ko, eh wala na ngang kumukuha sa akin.”

Revillame asked Janno to greet his friend Ogie Alcasid who is now on another network as he also wants Ogie to guest on his show.

“Pareng Ogie, inggit na inggit ka noh, panay Facebook ka na lang ngayon.”

In 2018, Janno signed a three-year managerial contract with the Viva Artists Agency after being a talent of PPL Entertainment for five years. He considered it as his “comeback”.

He experienced several personal issues before which prompted him to lie low in showbiz.

“We all know that I underwent depression because of my weight gain. I didn’t like what I saw on TV. I felt at the time, instead of paying attention to my performance, people are bothered with my weight. But now that I’m okay—I mean I lost a lot of pounds—I think this is the right time to be active again,” he explained.

In his showbiz career, he was labeled as Janno “the late” Gibbs and he himself acknowledged his “punctuality problem”. But then, he also made clear that it doesn’t happen all the time.

Back in February, Janno was supposed to guest at the concert of Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo, CoLove Live. Janno, however, did not make it to the night of the concert.

He immediately took Instagram to publicly apologize for failing to guest at the CoLove Live concert.


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