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‘Yan ang dapat sundin na mindset.’ Ellen Adarna praises Kim Chiu for ‘Bawal Lumabas’ clap back

The sexy star immediately admitted that her fellow Cebuans’s single “Bawal Lumabas” makes her happy.

Chinita Princess Kim Chiu will now be remembered for her incomprehensible classroom analogy which she made while trying to defend ABS-CBN during the #LabanKapamilya online rally.

After bashers used that against her, she managed to turn things around by using the very thing that was being used against her into a viral hit song “Bawal Lumabas” that gained over 10 million views in just a day.

Ellen Adarna proudly praised fellow Cebuana Kim for bouncing back quickly after being bashed online on her “Law of the Classroom” analogy.

Ellen was asked on Instagram by a netizen, “unsay ma sulti nimo kay Kim Chiu about sa iyang #bawallumabas?”

The sexy star immediately admitted that her fellow Cebuans’s single “Bawal Lumabas” makes her happy.

“It makes me happy. It really does. That’s my favorite, current favorite.”

She also encouraged others to have a mindset like that of the actress who knows how to fight back despite the criticisms, “‘Yan si Kim Chiu, guys. ‘Yan ang dapat sundin na mindset. ‘Yan ang mindset of a true champion. Tingnan niyo gaano kabilis nag-bounce back.”

During the online protest #LabanKapamilya, Kim went viral for comparing NTC’s Cease and Desist order to classroom rules.

“Sa classroom, may batas. Bawal lumabas. O, bawal lumabas, pero pag sinabi, pag nag-comply ka na bawal lumabas. Pero may ginawa ka sa pinagbabawal nila, inayos mo yung law ng classroom niyo at sinubmit mo uli, ay puwede na pala ikaw lumabas.”

But it gave birth to her own “version” of a remix to the infamous flub that made her the target of hate online because of this criticism.

She also started selling T-shirts inspired by her latest song “Bawal Lumabas” to raise funds for food packages to families in need.

Chiu and her team have produced three designs and will sell the shirts at P295 each. Chiu also pointed out that they have only produced limited stocks, adding that the initiative is simply a trial for now.

The new song ‘Bawal Lumabas’ is now posted on their official YouTube page, based on the viral beat created by music arranger DJ Squammy.

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