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ABS-CBN Regional stations to close down after denial of franchise

The regional group division manages all ABS-CBN TV stations outside Mega Manila.

Kapamilya journalist Chiara Zambrano sadly shared the bad news about all ABS-CBN Regional stations nationwide.

In a Facebook post, Chiara confirmed that all ABS-CBN Regional Group stations around the country will be shut down following the denial of the ABS-CBN franchise.

“Yesterday, it was announced that all RNGs, every single one of them, in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, will be shut down.

“It is tragic enough that these entire groups of breadwinners will have nothing by which to feed their families, for this alone, we are weeping for our friends,” she said.

Chiara added that while it is difficult for the RNG employees to lose their jobs, it is also a tragedy for each locality covered by RNG stations to be disenfranchised since ABS-CBN is the only station which broadcasted local TV Patrols.

“But there is another tragedy coupled with this: their localities have lost the strongest forces that keep an eye on their needs. We from the outside have lost our link to them.

“To my brothers and sisters in RNG, we are crying with you, and we will fight again,” she added.

Behind each of these logos is a team just like ours. They are the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group, which we fondly call…

Posted by Chiara Zambrano on Thursday, July 16, 2020

ABS-CBN Regional Group or formerly ABS-CBN Regional started in 1988, shortly after the ABS-CBN comeback post-EDSA People Power revolution. The regional group division manages all ABS-CBN TV stations outside Mega Manila.

RNG is responsible in creating local TV Patrols such as TV Patrol Southern Tagalog, TV Patrol Palawan, TV Patrol Bicol, TV Patrol North Luzon, TV Patrol Panay, TV Patrol Negros, TV Patrol Central Visayas, TV Patrol Western Visayas, TV Patrol Chavacano (Zamboanga), TV Patrol Cagayan De Oro and TV Patrol Southern Mindanao.

With the denial of the ABS-CBN franchise on July 10 by the 70 Congressmen allied to the Duterte administration, these RNG stations will need to shut down also leaving each locality without their localized news.


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