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Chin Alcantara speaks up about MYMP’s disappearance from ABS-CBN 10 years ago due to the recent incident with the network

Chin neglected to mention that he had earlier accused ABS-CBN of staging an assassination plot on the president.

Due to a recent incident with the network. acoustic band MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud) guitarist Chin Alcantara revealed the story behind the band’s disappearance from ABS-CBN 10 years ago.

On the MYMP Official YouTube channel, Chin was giving an update on the group and mentioned that they were scheduled to guest on MOR 101.9, the FM radio station of ABS-CBN on June 24. But an hour before the guesting, their manager supposedly received a message that the MOR cancelled their radio interview because ABS-CBN had a problem with him and the group.

“Ang sabi sa kanila ng MOR, ahh… hindi na itutuloy ang radio interview dahil may problema daw ang ABS-CBN kay Chin sa akin at sa MYMP. Sinabi nila yun one hour before ng guesting, on the day itself. So, walang explanation, walang kahit ano.”

“Na Daryl Ong kami noh…yung MYMP na Daryl Ong, Chin said.

The guitarist also admitted that the network had some issues with the group particularly with him. He even shared that their IWant ASAP video uploaded on YouTube was deleted.

“Last year November, nagguest kami sa IWant ASAP para promote ang bagong naming kanta ‘Wishes and Dreams.’

“Ngayon nagguest kami dun, pinost nila sa YouTube pero pagkatapos wala pang isang buwan binura din nila yung video namin. Nakita namin yung ibang naman na nagguest doon, hindi naman binubura yung guesting. So, hindi rin namin alam kung bakit, wala namang nagrelay sa amin basta na lang nawala na lang yung video,” he added.

Chin said that it was 10 years ago when MYMP disappeared from ABS-CBN. He wanted to forget the painful past but the recent incident with MOR and the deleted guesting video a year ago has spurred him to speak up.

He said his conflict with ABS-CBN started when their former vocalist Juris and their manager decided to split from the group. They even launched their new singer on ASAP which was their last performance on ABS-CBN.

“From 2007 to early 2010, regular po kami diyan sa ABS-CBN, yung MYMP. Tapos nung nakahiwalay kami ng dati naming vocalist na si Juris, doon nagsimula siguro yung conflict. Kasi nung nagkahiwalay na kami ni Juris at yung former manager namin, sa ASAP pa kami naglaunch ng bago naming singer na kapalit ni Juris. Pagkatapos nun, yung na labas namin yun, yun yung huling labas namin sa ASAP.” 

After their performance with their new singer, some of the production team and handler talked to them and said, “Chin, sorry wala na making magagawa.”

“Pinatawag kami sa taas, so ang ibig sabihin nun may kumausap sa kanila, pinameeting sila ng Big Boss at pinaban na kami na lumabas sa ASAP, so yun na yung huling appearance namin doon.”

The incident was a painful experience for him as he felt so unfair.

“Anong dahilan? Dahil ba si Juris ay hawak na ng ABS-CBN tapos kami independent kami iba yung manager namin hindi under ABS-CBN? So, hanggang hakahaka na lang kami. Masakit na masala yung platform na yun.”

MYMP was under Star Records at the time of the Juris and Chin tandem. Since Juris had split from the group and had her solo album, Chin also requested them to release the MYMP album for them to have a chance to continue their career just like Juris. But then, Star Records denied his request as he claimed that they have “frozen” MYMP for two years.

“Request ko sa Star Records, irelease ang MYMP para naman makamove on kami, makagawa kami ng album at magkaroon kami ulit ng chance din magmove on with the new singers, new songs, new album with another label na hindi Star Records under ABS-CBN pero hindi nila pinayagan yun. In short, ang term dun ay pinfreeze nila ako tsaka yung MYMP for two years.

“Kaya si Juris nakagawa ng album, tumakbo ang career samantala ng MYMP naka freeze yan. Kahit may bago kaming singer hindi kami ginawan ng album sa Star Records. So yun yung mas masakit dun.”

He said lawyers had advised them to file a case against the company but they decided to let go because they realized that ABS-CBN is a big company that they don’t have resources to fight against it.

“Nagdecide kami na pabayaan na lang lumipas yung kontrata kasi yung nga, ayaw na din namin ng gulo dahil nga malaking kompanya ang ABS-CBN, maraming pera, kami baka lang maubos ang pera namin sa mga hearing trial at bayad sa lawyer, tas tatagal pa.”

Chin claimed that he had already forgiven Star Records and ABS-CBN on the issue 10 years ago but he did not expect that the network still had a grudge against him.

“Sa akin 10 years ago na yun kaya kung ano man yung naidulot sa akin na sakit ng Star Records at ng ABS-CBN pinatawad ko na yun. Kaya nagulat kami at sympre nasaktan ulet sa nangyari ngayon na hanggang ngayon pala may issue pa rin pala sa akin at sa MYMP ang ABS-CBN.”

Chin said he chooses not to speak against ABS-CBN because he has a lot of friends who are working at the network. He also said that there are some powerful people in the company who don’t like him and the MYMP.

“Ayokong magsalita na sabihin ganito ang ginawa sa amin ng ABS-CBN, ng Star Records kasi maraming akong mga kaibigang crew, artist, production team at may kababata ako ang inaanak akong nagtratrabaho sa ABS-CBN. Mas marami rin namn tao dyan na mabubuti na nagtratrabaho sa ABS-CBN. But there are some people na powerful na galit sa akin, sa amin, sa MYMP kaya kami natanggal sa ABS-CBN at ban  at hanggang ngayon binoblock ang appearance namin.”

Chin ended his video with a message saying, “Lahat ng mga bagay na nangyayari ay naghihilom o gumagaling sa paglipas ng panahon, ibig sabihin ‘Time will heal all wounds'”

Curiously, Chin neglected to mention that he had earlier accused ABS-CBN of staging an assassination plot on the president. He went so far as to claim the plot was discovered by the PNP, AFP, NBI, and ISAFP. Such threats, however, were debunked by the authorities.


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