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‘Dahil di sila nagkasundo ng bayad!’ Charotism reveals real reason behind Ethel Booba’s refusal to publish 2nd book of ‘#Charotism: the Wit and Wisdom of Ethel Booba’

The admin then renamed the account to @IamCharotism and then continued to entertain followers with his/her wit.

Last April, Ethel Booba’s Twitter page @IAMEthylGabison was taken down after being disowned by the comedian herself, leaving her 1.6 million followers perplexed.

It was also confirmed that the witty personality behind the popular account was not actually Ethel herself.

People were understandably confused as Ethel even successfully published a book called #Charotism: the Wit and Wisdom of Ethel Booba, which was a collection of tweets from the account. Ethel also never said she wasn’t the one behind the account until her announcement last April. It was then confirmed that the admin of Ethel Booba’s ‘Twitter parody account’ wrote the entire ‘Charotism book.

The admin then renamed the account to @IamCharotism and then continued to entertain followers with his/her wit.

@IamCharotism also made the revelation that the supposed Book 2 of #Charotism: Wit and Wisdom will not continue because Ethel Booba and Viva Books could not agree on the payment,because Ethel Booba wants a higher pay even though she was not the one who wrote the tweets.

‘Hindi nya tinanggap yung book 2 na ginawa ko dahil di sila nagkasundo ng bayad. Gusto nya yung royalty fee bayaran ng Viva Books kahit di sya ang nagsulat. Charot!’

The admin behind the former Ethel Booba page even teased that Ethel Booba doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘Convo’ and instead she pronounced it as  ‘combo’.

Ethel Booba was already a well-known comedian who appeared very frequently on TV when the parody account appeared and made her. a social media phenomenon.

For the next few years, “Ethel” would tweet about everything under the sun, always adding a trademark line at the end of each tweet: “Charot!” (Joke!)

The account became known for its smart and snappy takedowns of well-known personalities and the government. But on April 9, Ethel Booba shocked her followers by disowning the account in her vlog.

“Beware! of this FAKE twitter!’

As of now, the real Ethel Booba is on Twitter with the username @EthelBooba6 with less than 7k followers. She also ends her tweets with the word “happy?” which doesn’t have the same impact as “Charot!” Ethel has shown herself a true DDS as she attacks Duterte critics.

Netizens remained loyal to the Charotism account and its witty comments on government and society.


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