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‘Idol Philippines’ contestant Miguel Odron opens up about being gay

“I wanna make it clear that I never lied about my sexuality, I never pretended to be straight. I chose to stay quiet about a very small but very personal part of me. I am still the same person,” he continued.

Just as Pride Month ends, promising singer and former Idol Philippines contestant Miguel Odron opened up about being gay on Instagram.

Through a lengthy post on Tuesday, June 30, the young Filipino-American singer-songwriter revealed that he never experienced a big coming-out moment as his family, especially his mom has always known about his true sexuality.

“I’ve never had to come out in my life. My mom just knew. In college, I fell in love with a boy and brought him home, and that was that. No questions asked. The news spread in my family, so I never really got to experience that big coming-out moment. Until now I guess,” he said.

The “Chevy Cruze” singer also revealed that while he was never ashamed of being gay, he purposefully did not share his true sexuality when he joined Idol Philippines so that his fans would focus on his talent more.

“When I joined Idol Philippines, I made a conscious choice with the producers of the show not to address my sexuality. To be clear, I’ve never been ashamed of being gay,” the young singer admitted.

“Everybody in my close circle knows and accepts me and anybody who doesn’t is no longer in that circle. Star Music has known from the start and they have always supported and loved me for who I am.

“I made that choice on Idol not because I wanted to present a fake version of myself to all of you, but because I wanted your focus to be on my voice, my music, and my writing.

“These are the things I truly value about myself. Being gay is as interesting to me as the number of hairs on my head or the size of my feet. I thought it would just be a distraction from the music,” Odron stated.

Furthermore, Odron also shared that staying mum about his true sexuality was so hard to the point that he felt irresponsible for not addressing it much earlier.

“As I release more songs, I’m finding it harder and harder to stay quiet about this. My music is very autobiographical. A few of you have picked up on the little hints and have asked me questions. It makes me happy to know you guys are really picking apart the words I wrote, but it also made me realize how irresponsible it is for me to stay silent about this.

“I’ve tried to live with radical authenticity for most of my adult life, and to have suddenly put myself in a closet I was never in is a really weird experience,” he went on.

Through the end of his IG post, the up-and-coming singer thanked his fans and followers who have supported him and stood with him since his ‘Idol’ days up to now.

“If you’ve supported me and you feel hurt reading this or you feel lied to, I am sorry that you feel this way and I am still so thankful for the support all of you have given,” he said.

“I wanna make it clear that I never lied about my sexuality, I never pretended to be straight. I chose to stay quiet about a very small but very personal part of me. I am still the same person,” he continued.

Miguel Odron was born in the Philippines but grew up in Indiana, USA. He returned to his birthplace to pursue his singing career and his decision did not fail him as this became his stepping stone to a promising music career.

He rose to fame when he joined and advanced to the Top 5 finalists of “Idol Philippines,” a reality singing competition broadcasted by ABS-CBN Network in 2019. Aside from his good looks, fans were hooked on his striking sound, which he shared was due to a childhood of listening to unconventional singers such as Amy Winehouse and Nai Palm.

However, his luck ran short as he failed to bag the “Idol” title. Zephanie Dimaranan was hailed as the season’s winner.

After his stint on the reality show, he focused more on creating music.

Late last year, he was picked to do the opening number for the Manila show of Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer.

Odron is also active with gigs. In March, he performed at the “New Rules Live in Manila,” the fast-rising British boy band’s first tour in the country. His voice is also heard in the Kapamilya teleserye “Love Thy Woman” in the song “Each Day With You.”

In addition, Odron is one of the new talents under ABS-CBN Music International, ABS-CBN’s music label that seeks to introduce the exceptional artistry of Filipinos to global audiences.

“Chevy Cruze” by Miguel Odron is available across various online music platforms.


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