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Jake Ejercito, Winwyn Marquez, Teddy Corpuz, other celebrities, politicians slam DOH Sec. Francisco Duque III’s ‘successfully flattened the curve’ claim

This wasn’t the first time Duque released a statement on the COVID-19 condition where the Filipinos find his statement misleading.

Different reactions came from netizens, personalities and even celebrities when Health Secretary Francisco Duque III claimed that the Philippines has “successfully flattened” the COVID-19 pandemic curve since April even as more cases of the disease have been recorded in recent days.

Journalist Jeff Canoy instantly retweeted a photo of an upside-down curve of the country and said that this is how DOH sees the curve, “How the DOH sees the world.”

Pia Magalona also reacted saying that Duque’s claim is evidence on how they try to twist the facts where she even presented a true to life scenario for a better example, “Look at how they try to twist facts. Parang sa inuman lang tayo: “Beh… yung hiniram kong asukal sa’yo, sinauli ko na nung April ha?” “Talaga, mars? Wala ako’ng natatandaan…” “Basta, beh… nung APRIL pa kasi yun!” Gaslighting.”

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero didn’t mince words and even advised Duque to “just do your job as best as you can without fooling yourself or us.”

“Dear Sec. Duque: The first step po in solving a problem is admitting that we have a problem. Addressing a pandemic is never a propaganda war. Please just do your job as best you can without fooling yourself or us and pray really hard that all our efforts will bear fruit.”

It’s Showtime host Teddy Corpuz sarcastically thanked Duque for flattening the curve in our country, “We have flatten the curve. Congrats Philippines! Sabi sa inyo tiwala lang kaya natin to. Duque salamat po.”

Duque, who was asked to resign several times, made this remark when asked about the steady increase in local cases of COVID-19, which had reached 57,545 infections on 14 July, of which 20,459 had recovered, while 1,603 had died during the Government Pre-SONA Forum, “We have successfully flattened the curve since April. The metrics for arriving at that conclusion of flattening the curve is actually one, the case doubling time of the COVID-19 infection has actually become longer.”

Doctor Tony Leachon, who just recently resigned from the Department of Health following his “episodic emotional outburst” on social media due to frustration at the Department of Health (DOH) results, refuted the health chief ‘s statement, “I don’t think we have flattened the curve based on our increase in cases, number of deaths, and full critical care capacity of NCR and Cebu hospitals. Perhaps DOH should review their own data to guide IATF, the whole [government] and the public of the situation.”

But because of the series of bashings that he received after his statement, Secretary Francisco Duque III immediately retracted his statement.

Duque further explained that the country had bent the curve in April with the aid of strict home-stay rules since mid-March, but that the recent rise in cases was due to ramp-up testing and increased population transmission, as Metro Manila and the rest of the country relaxed quarantine restrictions and reopened the economy.

This wasn’t the first time Duque released a statement on the COVID-19 condition where the Filipinos find his statement misleading.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said last May that the country is actually experiencing the second wave of COVID-19 disease.

He clarified that the first wave occurred sometime in January, when the first three cases of the virus, involving Chinese nationals from Wuhan, were reported.

“Actually nasa second wave tayo, ‘yung first wave natin nag-umpisa, batay po ito sa ating mag batikang epidemiologist, na ang first wave natin happened sometime in January,” he said, referring to the period when the first three COVID-19 cases in the Philippines were confirmed.

Earlier, his department apologized for the misunderstanding and made it clear that this was the first phase of the local outbreak.

The official said that because the local authorities have flattened the curve, this should be seen as a “window of opportunity to improve and increase” the potential of the local health system.

Several major hospitals in Metro Manila and Cebu City have announced full capacity for COVID-19 beds over the last few days, even as cases have seen an increase as quarantine rules are being relaxed nationwide.

The Philippines had 58,850 confirmed cases as of July 15, of which 20,976 had recovered and 1,614 had died. Duque said more than 90 % of patients had mild symptoms or no symptoms.


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