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Julius Babao has a message to congress as they vote on the ABS-CBN franchise

Julius Babao’s remarks on officials and critics that vies for the cease and desist orders on ABS-CBN

On Tuesday, June 7, 2020, Broadcast Journalist and radio commentator Julius Babao addressed congressmen who will be voting on ABS-CBN’s 25-year franchise renewal.

On Twitter, Babao stressed that a vote on July 9 on ABS-CBN’s franchise will have its place in history.

He tweeted, “To our congressmen: Whatever you decide on the fate of ABS-CBN will be written in our history. There is no turning back. Before you cast your vote on Thursday. Thank the Lord & Say a prayer. Then ask yourself, ‘Am I doing this for the good of my country or for myself?'”

Babao also Tweeted a message to his fellow Kapamilya employees. “To my fellow ABS-CBN employees. Do not lose faith in God. Remember the story of Job. “The Lord has taken away everything from him. But his faith never faltered.’ In the end, ,he reaped all blessings from God. Be like Job in these dark times.”

The journalist had tweeted earlier that the hearings were no longer about ABS-CBN’s franchise but about political persecution and oppression. He replied, “Yes” to a tweet from Jerome Sicat saying “What’s happening to @ABSCBN is no longer a case of an expired franchise, but political persecution, oppression, and opportunism.”

In a tweet last June 19, Babao labeled officials as “fortune tellers” as they seem to be just doing guesswork instead of presenting verified data. He said, “Ang mga pulitiko ay parang mga manghuhula din. Hit & miss kumbaga!”

The broadcasting journalist couldn’t also help but to berate those who wish ill upon the network and its employees. In a tweet last June 19, “May isa pa palang grupo ang makapangyarihan ngayon. Ang mga kampon ni Satanas. Masaya na kayo sa kahirapan ng ibang tao? Sige halakhak pa. May karma yan.”

He also tweeted last June 17, “In this time of pandemic where many are losing their jobs. To wish it upon ANY of the 11,000 employees & talents of ABS-CBN or ANY person is downright evil. #labankapamilya”


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