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Kabayan Partylist Rep. Ron Salo withdraws bill for ABS-CBN new franchise

Salo also believes that other networks will eventually hire the 11 thousand employees that will lose their jobs in case.

Kabayan Partylist Rep. Ron Salo has withdrawn his own bill granting ABS-CBN a new franchise.

In a statement, Salo said ABS-CBN failed to rebut all allegations against them thus he cannot support giving the network another franchise.

“My party-list group deems that ABS-CBN failed to successfully rebut the long list of alleged violations. Thus, this representation cannot anymore support the grant of a new franchise to ABS-CBN,” said Salo.

Salo also believes that other networks will eventually hire the 11 thousand employees that will lose their jobs in case.

“I am also certain that it will just be a temporary setback to the majority of its employees as other networks and stations will readily accept the workforce that comes with proven talents and expertise,” he added.

Salo was the other of House Bill No. 6901 which sought to give ABS-CBN a new franchise however with pre-set conditions.

In the bill, Salo called those conditions as “parameters for compliance” which will be implemented by the National Telecommunications Commission and other government agencies.

Some of the conditions listed in the bill are “equal time and opportunity” to “all parties” involved in news and events, 60 percent of its workforce should be regularized, active monitoring of ABS-CBN’s compliance with another requirement to “promote positive Filipino values” in “all its programs including its talents and the languages used” by them, 10% of ABS-CBN ads would be allotted to the government for “public service time.”

Prior to his withdrawal, Salo scored ABS-CBN journalist Christian Esguerra for allegedly accusing him that his proposed regulations on his ABS-CBN franchise bill “were seen as the government’s way to control the shuttered news network repeatedly criticized by President Rodrigo Duterte.”

Salo who was never a journalist and had no background in journalism seemingly schooled seasoned journalist Esguerra saying he doesn’t know how to differentiate facts from opinion.

Meanwhile, in a tweet, Christian Esguerra shared the article which was the subject of Salo’s rant.

He also welcomed the congressman to sit down in one of his journalism classes.

In the article, Esguerra bared the content of Salo’s bill that will grant ABS-CBN a new 25-year franchise.

The article listed down all the conditions laid by Salo on his bill that in effect dictated ABS-CBN on how they will run their business.

Esguerra also got the reaction of NUJP’s Nonoy Espina.

“(Salo) practically wants to dictate the company’s operations. This is not just legally questionable. It is downright silly,” said Espina.

That statement probably got the ire Salo who took it against Esguerra and saw it as editorializing the news article.

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