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Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda share how their love story began

Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda launch their first YouTube vlog with ‘Daniel and Sofia’

Sofia Andres and partner Daniel Miranda have started vlogging due to the public demand from the fans.

Feeling nervous filming for their first vlog, they started answering questions that Sofia solicited from her social media account.

For fans to get to know them more, Sofia and Daniel shared something about themselves as they answered some personal questions including how they have met and how their love story blossomed. With the question picked by Daniel, they were asked how they met each other.

He shared, “We were in the club and I saw her pass by, and I was like, ‘This girl’s pretty. I have to go to her.’”

Daniel is really a shy person in real life so his cousin acted as a go-between. Sofia recalled that he asked for a photo with her right away and oddly offered her water which is unusual to her because they were in a club.

Daniel just stayed with Sofia the entire time and he barely moved.  The next day, Daniel texted her. Sofia gave Daniel her personal number, very unusual for her as she fakes her number when others ask for it. With constant communication even with a long distance relationship (he was in Australia while she was in the Philippines), their relationship blossomed.

You can watch their first episode for their vlog, “Sofia and Daniel” down below.

In September 2019, Daniel and Sofia also did a “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge.

It can be recalled that when Sofia Andres made known to the public that she was already a mother, many became curious about Daniel Miranda, the father of her daughter.

Daniel is said to come from a wealthy family in Cebu but there is more to him than meets the eye.

Daniel is one of the sons of Martin Miranda and Angelique Lhuillier. He grew up with his brother Enrique in Cebu. His mother Angelique is an entrepreneur while his father, Martin, has been a karter, motocross rider, and a drag-racer.

Daniel is also a descendant of the Lhuillier family because of his mother whose parents are Philippe Lhuillier and Edna Diago Lhuillier, Daniel’s grandparents. Philippe is a diplomat, businessman, and philanthropist who is best known for being the Philippine ambassador. “This is the only heritage house on this strip,” Angelique shared. “It’s part of our history.”


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