Author Naiym ‘Wolf’ Dingle releases relationship book ‘Cheating Is Not Cheating’

Naiym “Wolf” Dingle is a twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur and author of the relationship book “Cheating Is Not Cheating.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Naiym “Wolf” Dingle is a twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur and author of the relationship book “Cheating Is Not Cheating.”

The book has garnered much  attention since its release in April on Amazon, instantly obtaining a 5 star rating.  Wolf breaks down the nature of dating and focuses on understanding it.

he author believes if we take the time to better understand ourselves, we  better understand the opposite sex. “Understanding is the solution to everything  and the cure for ignorance.”  Wolf’s energy and ability to see both sides of  situations have been key in helping young entrepreneurs start businesses,  existing companies expand their brands & artists expand their fan base.

Through motivational videos and the release of “Cheating Is Not Cheating” Wolf  paves a way to success for his followers.  Yes, relationships are very personal  and we are all very different, but, not in all ways.  Wolf delves into what  relationships have in common and the mistakes both men and women make.  Yes, the

same mistakes are made by both.  “Cheating Is Not Cheating” is based on human  behavioural studies, our natural reactionary instincts and sometimes getting out  of our own way.  Wolf also discusses “in-between relationships”.  It’s not  necessary to rush into a new relationship following a breakup. Again,  understanding the “why” of human nature helps the healing process and can hedge  our bets against making the same mistakes over and over again. Knowing the “why”   will help us find and keep happiness both in and out of both personal and  professional relationships.

“This book is written for men and women who are seeking an understanding of one another and are willing to receive it.” – Naiym “Wolf” Dingle.


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