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Barbie Imperial responds to basher calling her ‘bobo’ over comment on 60-year-old shoplifter

Barbie was another one of the artists who wanted to be a voice for the people who are struggling with life. She displayed an act of kindness by defending the old woman’s actions but a netizen highly criticized her for it.

Barbie Imperial responded to a basher who called her ‘bobo’ over her comment about an elderly woman who was arrested for shoplifting.

The Kapamilya actress expressed her sympathy for the 60-year-old woman who was charged with theft, for stealing several canned goods, chocolates, and body spray from a convenience store in Makati.

“Pag ang mahirap nagnakaw, kulong. Pero yung iba dyan, milyon milyon na ang ninakaw, malaya pa din. Pucha naman. Ano na?” she said.

Barbie mentioned that if the poor people were to steal something small, they would surely end up in jail. Unlike the rich people who she said were stealing millions but still manage to run from the law. She wanted to point out that people are forced to do drastic measures because they need to survive.

A netizen disagreed with Barbie and called her ‘bobo’ and even mocked her for being part of ‘Pinoy Big Brother. The basher explained that if the elderly woman really needed food, she would have gotten sardines or other canned food rather than chocolates or body spray.

Some people say that the elderly woman only took chocolates and body spray with her because she can’t afford to pamper herself with these things due to poverty. People sympathized with the woman saying that she only wanted to try and eat something good even once in her life.

Some people were also saying that the elderly woman was just greedy and overconfident that she can get away with the crime that she committed. They said that no matter how badly the woman needed the items, she was still breaking the law and that she deserved to be punished.

The Twitter user who bashed Barbie also mentioned that the actress wasn’t using her brain when she made her statement and said that instead of making the 60-year-old woman’s problems her own, Barbie should have at least paid her PA (personal assistant) first.

Barbie answered back to the basher by saying that she already settled the salary issue with her PA a long time ago. She added that the netizen should just focus on his 3 followers on Twitter instead.

“Bayad na tagal na tanong mo pa kay Tulfo. Kwento mo sa 3 followers mo,” said Barbie.

It can be recalled that the Kapamilya actress recently had an issue with her PA when she faced complaints due to her alleged maltreatment.

The former personal assistant, Annalaine Revilla, was interviewed by Raffy Tulfo on the Wanted sa Radyo radio program last December 2. According to her, the actress whom she nicknamed as “3Manika”, eventually treated her as a housemaid after working for her as a stay-in PA for one month.

Tulfo refused to name the teen star in his program but it was understood that Barbie Imperial was the one being mentioned by the PA.

While they referred to the actress as a teen star on “Wanted sa Radyo,” Imperial is already 21 years old. She was born in Daraga, Albay, Philippines on August 1, 1998.

According to the PA, she was employed only as a personal assistant for the actress but she served more than that as she also functioned as a maid for the actress’s mother and brother. What was worse was that the complainant only received 7,000 pesos as her monthly salary, which is way lower than minimum wage in Metro Manila.

“Ang naging usapan po namin nung artista po is magii-stay-in ako sa kanya. Ang naging kondisyon lang naman po niya is since nakatira ako sa kanila kikilos kahit papaano.

“Ang nangyari naman po kasi habang tumatagal yung panahon, palala ng palala. Kasi parang nararamdaman ko ‘PA ba yung pinasok ko dito?’”she said.

Aside from this, Revilla shared that the actress accused her of robbery and spread false rumors about her to her companions. This was the main point of the complainant’s sentiment but she also emphasized that the actress badly needed attitude overhaul.

“Simula nung dumating ako dun, halos hindi na sila kumikilos.

“Parang ang dating, parang naging kasambahay nila ako,” Revilla said.

After the live episode of “Wanted sa Radyo,” Tulfo and Revilla had a phone conversation with the young actress. In the end, it turned out that Revilla did not have enough evidence to sue the actress for cyber libel.

“Pero ang akin lang kasi Ayeng, napikon lang ako nung sinabi ko naman sayo na dinamay mo yung nanay ko. Walang mawawala sa iyo sa akin maraming mawawala. Kasi nangyari na lahat na-ere na lahat wala na akong magagawa dun,” Barbie said to her PA.

The young actress said she was willing to pay Revilla in relation to her insufficient salary. The PA demanded a public apology and the actress agreed to this but she stressed that she could not make a public apology for she thought it will not look like she was sincere.

The actress later agreed that she should personally apologize to Annalaine without Raffy and the show’s staff hearing their conversation.


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