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Bugoy Drilon insists that he did not bad-mouth ABS-CBN unlike Daryl Ong

“I know in my heart wala akong ginawa. Alam ko po ‘yung gratitude, ‘yung utang na loob ko sa mother network ko. Kasi mother network ko po ‘yun,” he stated.

Kapamilya singer Bugoy Drilon said that even though he and Daryl Ong were allegedly banned from the ABS-CBN network, his conscience was clear because he did not severe any ties with the network and he has never bad-mouthed it.

Drilon and Ong are two members of the all-male vocal trio ‘BuDaKhel’ along with Michael Pangilinan. The two were said to be banned from ABS-CBN after their conversation in an airport talking about the network’s franchise application was leaked and sent to the ABS-CBN executives.

Bugoy explained that initially, he doesn’t intend to release a statement regarding the issue because his heart and conscience are already peace.

But he can’t remain silent anymore because he wanted to explain his part in the said ‘airport conversation’.

“Ang sinabi ko lang po doon talaga, kasi that time, nagkakaroon sila ng sign petition, ‘di po ba? Na one million signatures for that petition,” Bugoy said pertaining to the Facebook petition about renewing the ABS-CBN franchise.

He said that along the conversation, they discussed about investing their stocks in ABS-CBN since the network’s stock price were low at the time because of their bid with their franchise.

“Ang sabi sa akin ng isang RM (road manager). Hindi siya part ng Star Magic, pero nag-a-RM-RM siya sa isang artista po. And then, doon na siya nag-banter si ate girl na ‘Bakit hindi ka mag-invest sa ABS kasi medyo down sila'” Bugoy said.

“And then, doon na siya (Daryl) magsabi ng ‘Sa tingin mo ba mare-renew ‘yung franchise ng ABS-CBN?’ And ang sagot ko, ‘I think, yes,’” he added.

Bugoy said that he did not say anything else that could lead to the network’s bad side that’s why he knows that he has done nothing wrong.

“I know in my heart wala akong ginawa. Alam ko po ‘yung gratitude, ‘yung utang na loob ko sa mother network ko. Kasi mother network ko po ‘yun,” he stated.

On June 15, Ong explained his side of the story in his vlog on YouTube.

Ong said that he and Drilon did not say anything offensive. They only talked about investing stocks in the ABS-CBN and discussed the network’s pending franchise application at the time.

“Sabi ni Bugoy (Drilon) na 60 thousand na lang yung kulang para mabuo yung 1 million. Ako naman nakita ko rin yun, ang pagkakakita ko naman 60 thousand pa lang yung nagsasign. So sabi ko kay Bugs [Bugoy] ‘Hindi, hindi 60 thousand na lang, 60 thousand pa lang at anong petsa na….Wala na yan malabo na yan hindi na yan aabot kasi 60 thousand pa lang anong petsa na,’” Daryl explained.

“Tapos nagdagdag ako ng comment na sabi ko mahirap yan, naku malabo na yan mahirap yan, kalaban ba naman nila ang gobyerno, si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban, so malabo na yan,” he added.

Daryl said that they were confused as to why the executives found their conversation offensive. They were shocked to find out they are already banned from the network.

“After nun pagbalik namin ng Manila miniting kami, ako ni ate K yung manager namin tapos kinuwento nya na yun na nga ah, ‘Daryl banned kayo ni Bugoy sa ABS,’” Daryl said.

He also claimed that ABS-CBN has created a rule that bans them from appearing in all its shows.

But our source found out that Daryl was not totally banned from the network. Even though he cannot work in the show in the meantime, he will still be given the chance to clear the issue with the executives after the pandemic and as soon as the crisis in their franchise ends.

There were no further updates if Daryl was able to explain his side and whether he was still banned.

The insider also revealed that Daryl removed other details from his story. He removed the part wherein he used foul words in expressing his opinion with the network’s franchise which was the reason why the ABS-CBN executives got offended.

Instead of what Daryl said in his video: “Si Presidente ba naman ang kalaban, so malabo na yan,” what he said according to the source was more like, “Mga ugok sila! Presidente ba naman ang kinalaban nila. Wala na silang magagawa d’yan (sa franchise)!”

However, Bugoy revealed that despite the situation that they are in, his friendship with Daryl remains strong.

“We’re okay po. Going strong pa rin ang friendship namin. Because at the end of the day po, we are trying to entertain the people. And at the end of the day, ‘yung music po, I want to share my music,” he said.

He mentioned that he just wanted to continue bringing joy and entertainment to the people through his music. He was sad because a lot of people have already twisted the story saying that he and Daryl are ungrateful to their network.

But Bugoy assured that he will always be thankful to his home network that brought him so many oppotunities and helped build his career.

“I feel sad po because, at the end of the day, bali-baligtarin man po natin ang mga pangyayari, ABS-CBN helped me kung anuman meron ako. And I’m forever grateful po sa kanila,” he said.

“Kasi, hindi ko naman maa-achieve ang ganitong sitwasyon ko, ganitong status ko, because sila naman po talaga ang tumulong sa akin,” he added.

“Actually, I’m sad po sa mga nakatrabaho ko sa ABS-CBN na there’s a point na hindi ko na sila makita. They don’t have work. So I’m sad and sympathize po sa kanila,” he continued.

Bugoy Drilon rose to fame after placing as Second Star Dreamer in the second season of Pinoy Dream Academy. He released several albums like Paano na Kaya? (2008), Bugoy (2010), and Nang Dahil sa Pag-ibig (2011). He won New Male Recording Artist of the Year in GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards 2009 with his album Paano na Kaya?


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