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TV REVIEW: ‘It’s Showtime’ goes viral with contagious ‘Mas Testing’

The Kapamilya noontime show is injecting effective doses of good vibes with a viral new segment

ABS-CBN’s IT’S SHOWTIME finds itself back again in social media trends through the emerging popularity of its newest segment ‘MAS TESTING’. Headed by the DOH (Department of Happiness) Secretary, Vice Ganda, the segment employs a daily Tumpak (Correct) Tracer who tries to give the right ‘data’ by figuring out which one of the two Persons-Under-Testing or PUTs has the correct answer to the question given by the DOH Secretary.

Vice Ganda heads the Department of Happiness (DOH) in ‘Mas Testing

In the game, DOH Secretary Vice Ganda, and one of his assistant or undersecretaries, unveil each test to the Tumpak Tracer on a Board one by one. The Tumpak Tracer has to pass the test or he will face the ‘fun-ishment’ for providing incorrect data to the public.

Questions like ‘Sino ang mas maputi ang kili-kili’ (who has whiter armpit)?’, ‘Sino ang mas magaling sa math (who is better at mathematics), and Kaninong driver’s license ang unang mag-eexpire (whose driver’s license expires first), are the ones usually expected. If the Tumpak Tracer gets it right, he will straight away give PhP3,000 to one lucky viewer who is tuned in via Facebook or Twitter. He will do the same for every succeeding correct guess.

Tumpak Tracer, Vhong Navarro, puts ice in his undergarments as part of his fun-ishment

With the limited platform ABS-CBN has now to reach out to its faithful viewers, it’s amazing to see and understand how massive its online presence is, that it seems it practically didn’t lose a big chunk of its audience when the government denied its new franchise application.

Now that it has only cable television and online streaming platforms to deliver its shows, it is undeniably more difficult to reach those who are tuned in to the network strictly via its free TV service.

Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro give the tumpak tracer, his first test

The increasing popularity of ‘MAS TESTING’ may be attributed to the fact that its concept is inspired by the country’s health department and the controversies surrounding it, which involves incorrect data delivery and interpretation, which is also a popular topic for debate online.

But parody or not, the segment undeniably owes its charm to the fun and excitement it brings, and the laughter it elicits when Vice Ganda starts pulling off his antics, and when the Tumpak Tracers face their fun-ishments.

Since it started, the show’s hashtags have been charting on twitter trends, and the segment continues to be popular on the video streaming platform, YouTube.

Netizens have even suggested people who could as the next Tumpak Tracer, the most in-demand of which is the Department of Happiness chair himself, Vice Ganda. But until he agrees to take the challenge, we will settle with only seeing other exciting players as Tumpak Tracers, who will bravely face every ‘fun-ishment’ that makes kapamilyas laugh.



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