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After losing collections since ABS-CBN shutdown, MTRCB plans to go after streaming sites

MTRCB seeks to regulate streaming sites such as Netflix and other similar providers.

It seems that since the shutdown of the ABS-CBN network, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has been losing revenue.

On September 3, MTRCB announced its proposal to allow them to regulate content on international streaming site Netflix and other related streaming services.

MTRCB Legal Affairs Division chief Jonathan Presquito told the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship that it is their mandate to review all motion pictures in the country.

“Stream services like Netflix are video on-demand platforms. We have to regulate those platforms. We have to ensure that those materials being shown on those platforms are compliant with MTRCB laws,” he said.

Accordingly, the latest MTRCB fee for a full-length movie is around 12,550 pesos and for festival shows it costs around 6,100 pesos for 15 days.

Extending its rights to regulate online streaming platforms could give them huge collections.

Also, many think that MTRCB should not venture into the digital platform and should focus on movie and television only.

Aside from this, many saw MTRCB’s move as a plan to target ABS-CBN since it just launched its iWant app to include TFC Online. Knowing that the media giant is still struggling with its finances the MTRCB plans to dominate online streaming.

Film director Joey Reyes was right when he spoke about the impact of ABS-CBN’s closure on the entertainment industry and the economy.

He reiterated that not granting ABS-CBN a franchise renewal can cause drastic changes in the media industry since the network had a significant contribution to the economy.

He said, “What ‘they’ do not realize is that the closure of ABS-CBN does not only mean the end of a network but a major change in the landscape of free tv, advertising, and other ancillary businesses & industries.”

“The implications to the economy and the very structure of free entertainment are now undergoing this drastic shift that can obliterate the model of accessible entertainment as we knew it before,” he added.

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