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BL series soon? Gerald Anderson wants a love triangle with Jerome Ponce and Yves Flores

Actor Gerald Anderson implied that he would want to be in a Love Triangle with his Co-Stars Jerome Ponce and Yves Flores

Actor Gerald Anderson implied that he would like to be a part of the love triangle with actors Jerome Ponce and Yves Flores.

When asked if they are open to working in a Boys Love project together after A Soldier’s Heart, Jerome and Yves answered ‘yes’.

Then, Gerald joined in asking if he could be a part of their Bromance as a potential Love Triangle.

Boys Love Series has become increasingly popular in the Philippines, like Game Boys, Hello Stranger, and more upcoming BL projects

Due to the popularity of the BL Series in the country, a lot of straight actors are now more open to portraying gay roles.

In A Soldier’s Heart, Yves plays 2nd Lt. Benjamin Arguelles, who falls in love with Pvt. Philip Panganiban, played by Jerome. Despite their best efforts and being in the military, the two develop their relationship from friends to something deeper.

While not in an official BL Series, fans are shipping the characters of Philip and Benjie because of their undeniable chemistry. Despite the harsh setting, their relationship shines through as one of the most memorable in the series, amidst the action-filled sequences.

When asked what makes their chemistry stand out and resonate with the audience, here are their answers.

“Yun yung pinanghawakan ng tao, yung pinagdaanan ni Phil at ni Ben. For me as simple as that yun yung masasabi kung talagang nahook yung mga viewers,” said Jerome.

“Siguro yung mga pasundot na kilig tsaka konting mga magandang eksenang kahit simple lang na parang yun yata yun yung nagustuhan ng tao. Kahit simple lang nakakakilig,” said Yves

A Soldier’s Heart ends on September 18, 2020, on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live.


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