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DIGITAL SERIES REVIEW: What’s really fascinating about ‘I’m Tee, Me Too’

Six guys bearing the same name try to navigate their lives being together under one roof

ACTORS: Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun), Perawat Sangpotirat (Krist), Prachaya Ruangroj (Singto), Tawan Vihokratana (Tay), Jumpol Adulkittiporn (Off) and Thitipoom Techaapaikhun (New)
PREMISE: Six guys sharing the same name, discover friendship and the magic of being together under one roof
WHERE TO WATCH: and iWantTFC app


Familiar Boys Love’ drama faces are together in one series, playing interesting and lovely characters in a heartwarming story of friendship and brotherhood.

‘If you think a bunch of ‘Tee’s living together is such a weird coincidence, you’ll be even more surprised of what’s to come’

This narration from one of I’m Tee Me Too’s lead characters is such a tease, that it actually invites audiences to linger a bit longer, and maybe stay, as this story about friendship beautifully unfolds.

Housemates in ‘I’m Tee, Me Too’ are all named ‘Tee’ (iWant TFC)

One can’t tell yet, whether or not I’m Tee, Me Too will have a BL angle, as the new Thai series from the same team that brought 2Gether, He’s Coming To Me, Tharntype, SOTUS, and other popular Thai boys’ love dramas, is widely marketed as a friendship or ‘barkada’ series. But there is no real harm in hoping.

After all, GMMTV somewhat mastered the act of fan service. The possibility of the series getting a boys’ love element seems to be just a question of when.

Singto, known from SOTUS: The Series, and ‘Come To Me’, plays Maitee, who has a fear for good news (iWant TFC)

In fact, in the pilot episode alone, Krist and Singto, who first paired-up in the hit series, SOTUS (2016), are already sharing what fans can easily take as a sweet moment. Although, that may seem a bit over-exaggerated, to be honest.

Likewise, fans won’t forget how Off and Gun, shared romantic moments together in Theory of Love, and in I’m Tee, Me Too, the share the same room!

But then again, the bigger possibility that this will be a strictly barkada series, sounds completely fine. Other than the fact that some are already finding the inundation of BL dramas in the market, already too much, a show of a different genre is a welcome development.

Krist plays Watee, the owner of the house where all the ‘Tee’s live (iWant TFC)

From the first episode, viewers find the reason this bunch of ‘Tee’s are living under one roof: the house’s owner is having trouble meeting his house’s monthly mortgage, that he needs to get as much money as possible to prevent the bank from sequestering it. Watee (Krist) inherited the house from his mom who just passed away, only the find out the mortgage has not been settled for six months. And now he has to work in multiple jobs, and accept tenants to rent two of the rooms. He has one curious condition: the tenant must be named ‘Tee’.

Five guys nicknamed Tee, moved in: Teedet (New), Tee-do (Tay), Maitee (Singto), Maetee (Off), and the narrator, T-Rex (Gun). What is unique about these Tee’s, interestingly, is that each one of them has a phobia or fear of something.

Teedet fainted when his gynophobia, or fear of beautiful women, attacked (iWant TFC)

We learn that Watee is pistanthropobhic, as manifested by his being too suspicious of people and hesitation to readily let people inside the house. There are screaming hints that Maitee might be having eunophobia, or fear of good news, while Tee-do, obviously is misophonic, as exhibited by his disgust of the sound made by chewing. The foul-mouther Teedet, is no doubt, afraid of women, or gynophobic, while T-Rex, has autophobia, or the fear of being alone. These interesting individual characteristics are sure to make their stay inside the house, chaotic, but there are strong promises that it will all be fun.

The BrightWin-starrer, ‘Sill2Gether’ is already the third series from GMMTV to be dubbed into Tagalog by iWantTFC (iWant TFC)

I’m Tee Me Too isn’t the first Thai series dubbed in Tagalog, as it is actually already the fourth one. ABS-CBN’s streaming service, iWantTFC, has already brought 2Gether, its sequel ‘Still 2Gether’, and the ghost-themed BL drama, Come To Me, to the Pinoy audience, who have enjoyed the same-day premiere of the BrightWin follow-up series, last month.

Aside from the individual charming personalities of the lead characters, what’s really fascinating about ‘I’m Tee, Me Too’, is that this kind of story can only develop into something binge-worthy. Fans won’t actually have to worry whether or not these actors will share intimate BL moments in the series. And just like what T-Rex teased in the pilot episode, fans can only expect more surprising developments to come.


I’M TEE ME TOO is available in the Philippines via and iWantTFC streaming app in both Tagalog dubbed and english-subbed versions, to standard and premium users.


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