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‘I’m a part of the LGBTQ Community talaga.’ YouTuber Kyo Quijano opens up about his sexuality

Youtube Celeb Kyo Quijano opened up about being pansexual in his interview for the movie ‘Quaranthings: The Series’.

YouTube celebrity Kyo Quijano opened up about his sexuality. In an interview for his series with actor Royce Cabrera, ‘Quaranthings: the Series,’ he revealed that he is pansexual.

In the interview, he said that he relates to Judah as he identifies himself as pansexual. He also added that it helped him bring the character to life.

“Yung nabasa ko po yung script, kasi po di ba si Judah po ay openly gay. Loud and Proud po sya. Yung nabasa ko sya, dun ko na ano na same naman po kami. Kasi personally I identify myself as Pansexual po, and I’m a part of the LGBTQ Community talaga. And I think there’s a big part na nakarelate ako kay Judah talaga na nakatulong kung pano ko nabuhay yung character,” said Kyo.

He also notes pursuing this project was his personal choice and that he fell in love with the story of the project.

As in personal choice po kasi independent naman po ako and yung nabasa ko rin po yung kwento. Nung nakita ko po yung laman ng istorya kaya yun po talaga ay buong puso ay parang nainlove po talaga ako dun sa project kaya talagang di ko na rin pinakawalan yun,” Kyo added.

Kyo stars in ‘Quaranthings: the series.‘ He portrays Judah, an openly gay character. The series is under the digital short film studio Ride or Die. Directed by Pancho Mananiquis, the series is available via the studio’s Facebook page and YouTube channel every Saturday. The cast includes Jan Silverio, Karl Zarate, LJ Moreno, and Gina Pareno.

Kyo Quijano is a Filipino YouTube star and dancer who earned over 36 million views on his YouTube Channel. He is popular for his choreographed dances, posts comedic sketches, vlogs, challenges, and pranks.

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