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Liza Soberano responds to question about entering politics

Liza has made several headlines recently after being open and straightforward with her opinions about certain issues.

Kapamilya star Liza Soberano has categorically shut down any plans of entering politics.

In a Headstart interview on ANC, Karen Davila asked Liza if she ever considered entering politics following her strong stands on several issues lately.

Liza, however, directly said that she does see herself entering politics or being a politician someday.

“No, I don’t think so,” Liza answered.

Liza has made several headlines recently after being open and straightforward with her opinions about certain issues.

Asked where she got the courage to finally speak up her mind, Liza said she got fed up already.

“Napupuno na po ako eh. Before I wasn’t the type to talk about such issues pero I’ve always had my fair share of opinions on them. I just don’t feel comfortable with sharing them because I knew that people would always have something to say against my opinion and before I wasn’t comfortable with that.”

She also added that she was inspired by other artists and showbiz personalities like Angel Locsin who consistently speak up about socio-political issues affecting the country.

“But now I think I’ve gained so much courage from seeing other people stand up for themselves that has inspired me to stand up for myself and for those people who cannot do so. Their aim is to silence me and if I give them that then they win. And we can’t let them win. We got to keep voicing out opinions especially if we know we are on the right side. And I have to be the voice for the voiceless. I have to spark courage to the people who support me and look up to me,” she stated.

Recently, Liza called out a telco company for their poor service and internet connection.

Her social media post immediately went viral, gaining attention not only from netizens but from other telco companies who quickly responded to her call.

Aside from telco issues which definitely affect almost every Filipino, Liza also spoke about the presidential pardon given to Jennifer Laude’s killer Joseph Pemberton.

Liza was also one of the Kapamilya artists who stood by the Kapamilya network during their franchise renewal bid.

Currently, Liza is focusing on her digital channel. But she also revealed that ABS-CBN and Star Cinema executives have already met with them for a project early next year.


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