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Markus Paterson gets real about Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador’s former love team

Markus Paterson recently revealed his one year and 8 month relationship with actress Janella Salvador last September 12, 2020. Janella was in a love team with Joshua Garcia for the movie ‘Bloody Crayons and the series ‘The Killer Bride’

In actor Kyle Echarri’s vlog, Filipino-British actor and footballer Markus Paterson defended the JoshNella love team.

He also opened up about his relationship with actress-singer Janella Salvador.

In the vlog, he noted that he acknowledges the on-screen chemistry between Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador.

I love Josh. Josh is a great guy and I have been a fan of him. He and Janella have this insane chemistry on-screen and I understand that and I appreciate that I see them on the screen. They’re professionals, they’re brilliant actors and actresses. They’re working,” said Markus.

He also added that bashing by fans shouldn’t be normalized.

“They’re entitled to their own opinion. That’s great and I’m all for voicing it on social media. But, saying things that are to hurt or intend to ruin somebody’s day, that shouldn’t be normalized. Bashing shouldn’t be normalized,” Markus added.

He also defended Josh from bashers who were saying he was ‘cringy’ during the promotion of their movie ‘Bloody Crayons.

“They had to sell that to the top of their abilities. There’s nothing cringy about it. There’s a reason why I haven’t said anything about it because I understood it. It’s because they’re a love team. Which is why it took a year and 8 months for us to come out with this relationship. It’s a marketing thing. I want them to succeed and prosper together,” said Markus.

Markus also revealed how much he loves Janella.

“I am 22 years old, man! I have never been in love the way I am, I have never felt the love she makes me feel,” said Markus.

Janella and Markus revealed their relationship via Instagram this September 12, 2020. While on September 17, 2020, an unnamed source confirmed that Janella was pregnant and will give birth this October.


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