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Netizens have mixed reactions to boycotting first PH animated film on Netflix because of Robin Padilla

‘Hayop Ka’ is created by Rocketsheep studios together with Spring films, and is the first Filipino animated film distributed by Netflix that features the voices of Angelica Panganiban, Robin Padilla, and Sam Milby.

Netizens expressed their concerns about the possibility of a boycott of the first Filipino animated Netflix film ‘Hayop Ka’ because of Robin Padilla whose voice work is included in the film.

One netizen urged the public to not boycott the film for the animators.

Another netizen also urged the public to watch the movie while acknowledging dismay over Robin’s fascist views.

One netizen also felt conflicted about the movie because of Robin but did note that he would watch it for the greater good and those who have worked hard for the film.

Another netizen also struggled between supporting animators and boycotting the movie.

Another netizen asked why did the studio choose Robin as one of its voice actors.

Another netizen also added that boycotts would send a strong message to producers.

Other netizens suggested recasting the role close to its release date on Netflix.

Robin is a known Diehard Duterte Supporter and had been subject to ridicule due to his fascist political views. On the other hand, the movie’s lead voice actress Angelica Panganiban has been vocal in her criticisms of the government especially with their response to the pandemic and ABS-CBN’s shutdown.

The animated film drops on October 29 via Netflix.

It revolves around Nimfa, a cat who must choose between two dogs, Roger and Iñigo. ‘Hayop Ka’ uses animal characters similar to Zootopia, tackling adult-themed storylines. Aside from Robin and Angelica, the film also features Sam Milby, Empoy Marquez, Arci Muñoz, and Eugene Domingo. Rocketsheep studios produced and animated the film together with Spring Films.

Rocketsheep Studios also created the 2016 semi-animated film ‘Saving Sally’. They also made the animated version of ‘Zsazsa Zaturnah’ which is based on a popular comic book.

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