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Tony Labrusca addresses issues about his sexuality and behavior

Tony said that he doesn’t mind those rumors  because he knows the truth.

Kapamilya star Tony Labrusca has finally set the record straight about lingering issues about his sexuality.

In a YouTube video, Tony answered questions about people’s most common assumptions about him. And one of the most persistent rumors about him is his sexuality or being gay.

In the video, Tony addressed the issue once and for all by saying that he does not identify himself as homosexual.

“But for me, I don’t identify myself as homosexual. But I don’t think that matters anymore.”

Tony also disclosed that this assumption of him being gay tends to undermine his craft because people are more focused on the issue of his sexuality rather than his work.

“The thing is, I get frustrated when people focus on my sexuality. It makes me feel like no amount of work or accomplishments that I’ve done [matters]. I feel it gets undermined. Because people wanna focus on my sexuality, instead of my capability. So that’s where my frustration comes in.”

However, Tony said that he doesn’t mind those rumors  because he knows the truth.

“I don’t mind people assuming this about me. At the end of the day, whether people like it or not, whether it comes to who you’re dating, whether it comes to your sexuality, the truth is always behind closed doors. I love [it] when people make this type of assumptions about me because it means people are intrigued by me.”

The Hello Stranger star also added that people will still say or will still judge him whatever he says or admits.

“Even if I said I wasn’t gay, the people who think I am gay are going to keep on believing that I’m gay. There is nothing I can do that would change their mind, because they think that I dated this person, or they think that I had sex with this person, because this tabloid said that. So, that’s out of my control, you know what I mean?”

“Let’s say, if I did say I was gay, some people still wouldn’t believe me, or some people would still hate me. They would say I’m doing it for attention, or they’ll say I’m queerbaiting. Or some people would be, like, ‘O, sabi ko na nga ba, e.’ And then people would end up hating me. So my point is, whatever I say, whatever I do, whatever I identify as, it doesn’t matter. The’re still gonna be people that hate me, because I’m me.”

But what Tony likes about the issues and rumors being hurled against him is that he continues to be relevant. It propels people’s curiosity about him which kind of working to his advantage.

“So, I do love these assumptions because it just means that people are still curious about me. But I love that… I’m not sure… ambiguity?? That’s that. It is what it is.”

Meanwhile, Tony also admitted that what’s concerning him more are the issues about his behavior like being rude or disrespectful.

Tony was once involved in a controversy at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for allegedly cursing and shouting at an Immigration Officer.

But he clarified that he may have a hard exterior but he assured people that he’s really a nice guy.

“I think, for the most part, the thing that I wanted to clarify is that in my career, a lot of people have tried to assume my sexuality. And a lot of people have tried to assume that I’m a very mean person, I’m a snob, I am suplado, bastos ako. And a lot of people think I’m a kleptomaniac, or they think I’m not a nice person. And I just want to clarify that, I guess, I do have a hard exterior. But once you get to know me, I feel like I’m a very nice guy.”


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