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TV REVIEW: Hope Sparks in ABS-CBN’s New Barkada-serye, ‘Bagong Umaga’

There is hope brimming in the new Kapamilya series, ‘Bagong Umaga’.

A2Z | Kapamilya Channel
Actors: Heaven Peralejo, Tony Labrusca, Barbie Imperial, Yves Flores, Michelle Vito, Kiko Estrada
Format: TV series
Premise: The lives of five teenagers intertwine, in a bittersweet story of hope, friendship, family, and redemption
Time slot: Weekdays, 2:30PM

Why You Should See It

The new afternoon series showcases a familiar yet very moving tale of family and friendship, complemented by powerful performances from up-and-coming young actors and senior supporting actors.

There is hope brimming in the new Kapamilya series, ‘Bagong Umaga’. Aptly titled, the weekday drama offers a hopeful story whose core tells about six different lives only linked to one another, by fate. A reminiscence of past barkada-themed Kapamilya seryes, like G-Mik, Tabing-Ilog and Berks, ‘Bagong Umaga‘ stars new faces in a story that gives the feels of being young, reckless, unwanted, loved, in love optimistic, hopeless, all at the same time.

The brooding first two episodes of the series may discourage casual viewers from staying until the next episode, but they provide a solid background and buildup to the individual stories of our young heroes whose journey officially starts on third episode.

Of course, since this is a daily drama, teleserye staples are ever present in the first few episodes. Viewers learn that the first complications in the story of our six lead characters, begin with an intentional mix-up. Diana (Glydel Mercado), in the wake of losing her child to the negligence and inhumanity of the hospital she is admitted in (which is also the one she previously worked for), mixes the hospital owner’s baby, with someone else’s. The scene feels cut from a page of a popular soap opera’s script, and somehow, we feel aware of where this story will eventually lead. Dr. Maggie Veradona (Sunshine Cruz), the (daughter of the) owner of the hospital, gives birth to a baby girl, but whether or not the one she takes home is really hers, only the vengeful Diana can answer.

Another family expects twin babies, one of whom is in critical condition. To save it, Monica Magbanua (Nikki Valdez), has to undergo a caesarian section operation. Her husband, Jose (Kempee de Leon), begs the hospital owners to give her attention, when he learns that her scheduled operation is suspended, because the husband of Dr. Maggie, who also needs a CS operation, takes the surgeon from Monica, to perform on Dr. Maggie, instead. Due to this neglect, one of the Magbanua twins never survived. Diana, who learns Magbanua’s misfortune in the hands of the Veradonas, decides to mix the Veradona and the remaining Magbanua babies, before leaving the hospital unnoticed. At the Magbanua’s home, the arrival of a male baby from a friend who was mysteriously killed, compensates for the loss of one of the twin babies.

Fast forward to the present and the babies have grown to adolescence. Tisay Magbanua (Heaven Peralego) has grown to be a loving streetsmart girl, who tries her best to provide for her family. She is joined by Dodong (Yves Flores) whom their parents adopted from Monica’s friend. Kai (Barbie Imperial) Veradona’s strict upbringing from her parents makes her constantly wanting for validation and affection, which she usually finds in Lola Hilda (Rio Locsin), who suspects Kai isn’t truly her grandchild. We also learn the stories of Ely Florentino (Tony Labrusca), who tries to evade the grip of his manipulative business-minded father, and Angge (Michelle Vito) who has naughty and troublesome ways of surviving, and how they are linked to Kai and Tisay.

Kiko Estrada’s character only shows up in Episode 4, but audiences already learned through the trailer that he plays Diana’s son, and whether or not he truly is, the succeeding episodes hold the answer.

The importance of Bagong Umaga as a hopeful beginning for ABS-CBN, following its loss of franchise, can not be overstated. There is something in the mix of actors cast for its lead roles, that makes this new barkada-themed show, intriguing. They’re all fresh, attractive, and talented, playing powerful characters that almost completely represent ABS-CBN and all its faithful followers – faithful, surviving, all waiting for a new dawn and its beautiful promises, to come.

Bagong Umaga airs weekdays on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and iWantTFC

Watch the Trailer of Bagong Umaga, below:


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