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Where does Raffy Tulfo spend the billion pesos he earns from YouTube?

As of this writing, Raffy Tulfo has over 15,300,000 subscribers and an estimated 365 million viewers over the last 30 days.

Raffy Tulfo in Action has a YouTube channel that has one of the highest number of subscribers in the country. Having 15 million subscribers on YouTube and counting, Raffy Tulfo is now considered as the number one in the ranking of Filipino celebrities with the most subscribers on YouTube.

With this massive number of subscribers and views, where does Tulfo take the billion pesos he earns from YouTube?

In an interview with Leo Bukas of, Tulfo shared that most of the earnings from the said YouTube account goes to those who are in need.

“Malaking portion po no’n ay pinantutulong natin sa mga kababayan natin. So, may pinunupuntahan naman po, para do’n sa mga nangangailangan.”

He then didn’t deny that there is also a part of the earnings that go to him for his needs and his family.

“And then of course, meron ding parte do’n na nagagamit ko. I’ll be lying pag sasabihin kong lahat napupunta one hundred percent do’n sa tulong. Meron din pong napupunta sa akin, sa pangangailangan ko, sa pamilya ko. Pero a big part of that money goes to helping the poor.”

But what is the secret of Raffy Tulfo in Action that Filipinos enjoy and subscribe to his YouTube account?

“Credibility is very important, Kaya ako nagkaroon ng maraming subscribers because through the years I was able to establish my credibility to them, na kapag ako’y nagbibigay ng serbisyo publiko, eh, I really mean it and I’m very sincere in helping them, na hindi yung pakitang tao lamang.

“Malalaman naman kasi ng mga viewers, malalaman naman kasi ng mga complainants kung ikaw ay namemeke lang o kung ikaw talaga ay tunay ang iyong pagtulong. So, in my case nakita nila na talagang legit yung aking ginagawang pagtulong kaya dinadagsa nila yung aming action center.”

On the other hand, Tulfo is not just known as the justice seeker, he is also considered as the ‘good one’ among the Tulfo brothers,

But if scandals and issues occur what does he do when his brothers are getting involved?

“I just keep quiet and just shut my mouth,” Tuflo shared. “I just let my brothers speak for themselves. Kaya naman nilang idepensa ang kanilang sarili, so I don’t have to say anything.”

“So by being silent, quiet, that means hindi ako involved, so ayaw kong makisawsaw do’n sa problema nila. And then let the people na nanonood, nakikinig at nagbabasa ng dyaryo decide kung ako ba ay dapat madamay diyan o hindi.”

Tulfo said that it might be one of the reasons he got more followers because of his brothers’ actions, “In fact, dumami pa nga yung mga subscribers ko, dumami pa nga ang followers ko. Dahil siguro nakita nila na iba ako at iba sila (mga kapatid).”

Tracking back, it can be recalled that in an interview with PEP, Tulfo once denied that he already earns P50 million on YouTube.

But over time, and as his subscribers dominate the platform, Tulfo cannot deny the amount he receives by also helping our countrymen. As of this writing, Raffy Tulfo has over 15,300,000 subscribers and an estimated 365 million viewers over the last 30 days.

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