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With possible free TV comeback, what issues may ABS-CBN face amidst block time deal with Zoe TV 11?

Hopefully, ABS-CBN will be able to address these questions before their shows pop up on Zoe TV 11.

With the block time deal with ZOE Channel 11, ABS-CBN is on its way back free TV. However, there questions that need addressing and possible issues that the network may face.

First off, the content. ABS-CBN was a premiere Philippine network that boasts a diverse library of content. On the other hand, Zoe TV 11 is under a Christian organization. Would there be some form of censorship that will prohibit content such as violence, drug use, complicated relationships, infidelity, sexually insinuated scenes, and depictions of +LGBTQIA characters and personalities?

Second, would Zoe TV’s audiences welcome a different format of TV programming? Especially when it comes to the more inclusive depiction of LGBTQIA+ personas and personalities from ABS-CBN like Vice Ganda?

Third, ABS-CBN struggled these past few months. Mostly from the National Telecommunications Commission and the Congress. With that said, would there be retaliation from NTC and the 70 solons that voted against ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal now with the possible free TV return of the network?

Fourth, block timing is a legally accepted practice amongst networks in the country. TV5 and GMA7 make block time agreements with production companies all the time. Now, would there be legal issues that may arise with the return of ABS-CBN via Zoe TV channel 11? If none, would there be legal loopholes that others might use against the network?

Lastly, ABS-CBN was one of the top networks in the country before its shutdown. With that said, would block timing their programs in Zoe TV 11 be more harmful than beneficial to ABS-CBN’s effort in regaining its ground?

Hopefully, ABS-CBN will be able to address these questions before their shows pop up on Zoe TV 11.


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