Did Kris Aquino impose limitations on how Tita Krissy impersonates her?

There were no rules but Tita Krissy knows how to respect the person she’s impersonating.

Chino Liu, the famous impersonator of actress Kris Aquino, shared how he impersonates Kris.

“Did Kris Aquino emphasize any limitations on how she will be impersonated?”

In an interview, Chino, popularly known as ‘Tita Krissy’, spoke that the ‘Queen of all Media’ did not mention anything about how she will be impersonated. According to Krissy, the highest form of flattery is whenever you impersonate someone. However, it is only common sense on what and what not do on imitating a famous celebrity; that there are limitations to consider.

Chino said that there are two things he considers when impersonating someone. One is that it is okay to copy the mannerism, the voice, the way Kris dresses, and how she speaks as long as you do not mean any harm.

“[I guess] as long as your intentions are pure, okay lang,” he said.

Second is about statements. Whenever Chino is asked about how is Kris and her family, as Tita Krissy, he limits himself by answering what he only knows about the person he’s impersonating. His main rule is to not speak for that person. He does not answer questions that are way too personal or offensive.

“Para iwas na lang disgrasya, kung ano lang ang nalalaman ko at yung alam din, yung general knowledge lang din ng mga tao,” he said and later on added, “Kapag yung ikasasama ng ginagaya ko, I won’t do that.”

Kris Aquino and Tita Krissy met way back in December 2019 and the Queen of all Media expressed her gratitude to Krissy by giving her Chanel earrings and another pair from Givenchy.

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