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Alfred Vargas’ reaction to boycott of his MMFF entry receives reactions from netizens

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Quezon City 5th District Representative Alfred Vargas received flak after he chose to inhibit himself from voting on the ABS-CBN franchise renewal, the network who helped him grow as an actor.

And now that he has an upcoming movie titled Tagpuan, which is an official entry for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), netizens have continued to express their hate towards the actor-politician. In fact, many people have professed their desire to boycott his movie.

In an interview, Vargas tried to clear the misconception brought by his decision to inhibit himself from deciding whether to accept or reject the network’s franchise renewal.

“People called me names. Nabastos tayo. Until now, people use this issue against me and my movie,” said Vargas.

After he released his statement regarding the news that people want his movie discredited, netizens were quick to react.

Kevin Manalo stated facts regarding the reason why the actor is being hated by supporters of the network.

On his Twitter account, he revealed important details saying that ABS-CBN helped the actor in terms of his career, but when the Kapamilya network needed his help, he didn’t help them.

Many netizens agreed with what Manalo said. The journalist just merely reiterated the truth that Vargas was not there when the odds were against the network.

Phi Palmos retweeted Kevin’s tweet saying that the journalist just stated facts.

Meanwhile, netizens have continued to loath the actor-politician which also affected his upcoming movie.

Netizens really do not want to support his film which has yet to premiere.

Several netizens said that it was not okay for him to not support the network and still have the nerve to ask for their help in promoting his movie.

Others, upon knowing that he was the person being referred to by Ogie Diaz in his recent statement that he will not support anyone who said yes to ABS-CBN shutdown, lambasted his acting skills and predicted that the movie will not be patronized by Filipinos.

A netizen even pointed out that the reason the actor-politician chose to inhibit himself from the deciding whether ABS-CBN would be given its franchise renewal is that he is playing safe, avoiding the eyes of his fellow politicians who supported the network’s shutdown.

The netizen also felt sorry for his co-stars in the movie, Iza Calzado and Shaina Magdayao as they would be unfortunately involved to the failure of ‘Tagpuan.

For some, they considered the criticism and hate that the actor is now experiencing as karma that has finally come to haunt him, affecting even his MMFF entry which he also produced.

Netizens called Vargas a traitor for not supporting ABS-CBN, the one who nurtured his career as an actor.

Others observed that since his movie is not being talked about, he talks about the issues surrounding him as a supporter of ABS-CBN shutdown so that the movie will be promoted, even if it’s bad promotion.

Tagpuan’ is an official entry for this year’s MMFF 2020 which is produced by and starring Alfred Vargas alongside Iza Calzado and Shaina Magdayao. Vargas was one of the politicians who abstained from deciding ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal application.


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