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Politician asks for help from his showbiz friends, only thing is, he was in favor of ABS-CBN shutdown

Asking help from someone who you destroyed is something that only shameless people could do

With the largest network ABS-CBN being shut down thanks to the 70 congressmen who voted against its franchise renewal, many politicians have lost a great ally in their political campaign.

With elections nearing, every politician who is aiming for another term is preparing for the 2022 elections. There is this one politician who is aiming for a seat this coming election who asked his showbiz ‘friends’ for help in his political campaign.

However, he is one of the 70 congressmen who voted ‘No’. Now he’s asking for support from the media, whom he is trying to suppress and take away their freedom of speech—an ironic feat that only politicians have the audacity to do.

Not only did they lose a way to get their names known, they also inflicted great damage towards the industries surrounding the network. They were the ones who caused thousands to be unemployed because of their decision not to renew the franchise of the Kapamilya network.

They left them jobless in the middle of the pandemic where everyone is forced to stay home. With no income, they caused more stress and depression in many Filipinos.

Adding to that, independent media that rely on ABS-CBN to give them coverage duties were also affected by such closure. They may have only closed the network but everyone that it’s been connected with is also greatly affected.

They also caused lives and properties to be lost to calamities such as Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses by having the network with the widest reach be unable to spread information due to their loss of power to operate.

With their eagerness to support the shutdown of a great network, many have started the #neverforget to remind voters not to vote for these politicians.

Will this politician be given the favor of supporters of ABS-CBN? Let’s see in the 2022 elections.

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