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13 reasons you need to watch ‘Princess DayaReese’

Worth watching again and again

ABS-CBN’s movie Princess DayaReese made its debut on the digital streaming platform last January 1, 2021. It is a must-watch movie and here are 13 reasons:

A perfect rom-com to start 2021

Princess DayaReese premiered last January 1, 2021. With the performance of the cast and the unbelievable beauty of its cinematography paired with a great story, this movie is the perfect one to start the year. The comedy is superb and the kilig moments were always there. In fact, there is no dull moment in the movie because of the elements that the production team has put in.

A way of giving hope

The movie started on the first day of the year. Not only that, “Princess DayaReese aims to givehope to everyone who will watch it. It definitely says that good things will come as long as our intentions are pure.

It is  a film that is definitely worth watching this year.

Life lessons all the way

The movie is full of moral lessons which is a good way to start the  year. Every child or adult will surely pick up a lesson or two.

Disney-like “Pinoy Style”

If you have ever watched Disney movies especially their “The Princess Switch”, you may get that kind of vibe in “Princess DayaReese”. But what separates the Filipino movie from the international one is that it’s not your typical princess story. The movie is incorporated with values that Filipinos cherish. Moreover, the comedy, along with the subtle messages is very Filipino.

Traditional Filipino values

The movie is a good way to remind Filipinos about the values that separates us from the world. The hospitality, the love for the family, and the sacrifice of a member just to give her family a better life are just some of the values we will see in “Princess DayaReese”. The protagonist belongs to that of a normal Filipino family where life is usually hard. Still, they are happy and trying to have a better one. The determination of Reese in the movie is similar to all the Filipinos trying to make ends meet—with humor along the way.

Great punchlines

Punchlines are essential on every rom-com movie. There should never be a ‘waley’ line or a ‘korny’ line. With this film, every line that the characters blurt out is either funny or kilig.

Mirrors 2 types of Filipino families

It also shows the two types of Filipino families—the rich and the poor. But what makes it interesting is that the two leading characters’ lives becomes intertwined from the very start. The twist was already revealed from the beginning and still, it made its viewers want more.

Performance of MayWard is getting better each movie

In this movie, Maymay Entrata’s performance is superb. This is the first time that Maymay played two different characters. Her versatility as an actress is phenomenal. Her characters have different personas—comedic and serious.In this movie, we have seen her growth as an actress who became known for being funny to being able to do drama.

Meanwhile, her partner Edward Barber, also improved in terms of his acting. His dedication to his craft can be seen all throughout the movie. The way he delivers his lines are full of emotions. His eyes have become more expressive. The love team are truly oozing with potential.

Comedy is perfect

2020 was definitely a rough year. As a starting movie of ABS-CBN, “Princess DayaReese” aims to lighten up the year by delivering a funny film. The lines were funny as hell, the expressions of each character would really make its viewers go ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing).

Overflowing kilig of MayWard

The chemistry of Maymay and Edward as a love team is like a gift from heaven. The kilig in their every scene is indeed overflowing. Fans and non-fans will scream when they see this movie—guaranteed. We can’t give you the deets as we can’t give you spoilers. So you really have to watch the movie (wink).

Subtle but impactful

The movie, where Edward’s character is a producer, journalist, and reporter is the perfect representation of the media as the ultimate finder of truth. Caleb (Edward), a truth-seeker, who seeks to find out the truth of the Oro Kingdom not only discovers the nation’s secret but also discovers the real identity of Princess Ulap. His character, just like any other journalists, didn’t stop until they get at the bottom of everything. It is interesting to see that it is somehow a message to those who aims to restrict press freedom, that every journalist will do anything to give the public the truth.


A good movie should be consistent from start to finish. “Princess DayaReese” is a good movie because of how steady the story is. Although many scenes did not make the cut, it is still complete. It was revealed that it was totally compressed into almost two hours yet there was no flaw in making the story come to life.

Political in a way

It is surprising to see that a very light movie such as “Princess DayaReese” is able to throw shade with just simple lines. There was a scene in the film that tackles the incompetence of the government to help its people. If you’re curious what scene is that, watch “Princess DayaReese” on

The movie tells the story of Reese (Maymay) who wants to be rich. An unexpected turn of events gave her the chance to live such a life. This is when Princess Ulap of Oro Kingdom, who looks exactly like her, hires her to be the princess for a while. Fast forward to Oro Kingdom, this is where she meets the determined reporter Caleb (Edward) who is in Oro Kingdom to shoot a documentary. Caleb was skeptical about the ‘princess’ and he stopped at nothing to reveal Princess Ulap’s real identity. And yet another turn of events unfolds as he falls in love with Reese.

Catch “Princess DayaReese” on, iWant TFC, TFC IPTV, Cignal pay-per-view or SKY pay-per-view for only P150.


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