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Nathalie Hart explains why she sounded drunk in an interview

Giselle then came to Nathalie’s defense, applauding the actress for speaking in Filipino.

During the interview for their film, Steal, facilitator Giselle Sanchez noticed that actress Nathalie Hart seemed drunk when answering questions from the press.

Firstly, Giselle tried to explain a press question to Nathalie. Then, Giselle noticed that Nathalie struggled to answer the questions. It prompted Giselle to ask Nathalie if she had trouble speaking in Filipino, implying that the actress sounded intoxicated.

“Nak anong mix mo, anong mix mo. Kasi parang pagnagsasalita ka parang hirap ka magtagalog di ba? It ends up na parang,” Giselle asked.

Then, Nathalie answered that she is Filipina-Australian, which is why she has trouble speaking in Filipino.

“I’m half Australian, half Filipina. That’s why it’s difficult for me to speak fluently. It’s easier for me to speak in English,” said Nathalie.

Giselle then came to Nathalie’s defense, applauding the actress for speaking in Filipino.

“That’s why the way you talk, it’s para kang lasing. But you’re not, I know you’re not. You’re just having difficulty speaking. Pero, we applaud you for speaking in Tagalog na kahit na hirap ka at boses lasing ka. Thank you very much for talking in our dialect. We appreciate that,” said Giselle.

Nathalie Hart or Princess Tinkerbell Cristina Marjorie Pedere Snell became known for her movies Historiographika Errata (2017)Tisay (2016), and Sunday Night Fever (2020).

Now, Nathalie stars in the latest movie offering from Viva Films, Steal. She stars alongside Ella Cruz, Meg Imperial, and Jennifer Lee. The movie directed by Bono Fajardo premieres this January 22, 2020, at selected cinemas under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) and Viva Max.


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