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Laglagan na! Ronnie Alonte reacts to ‘hindi sabay sabay’ comment on Hashtags, admits they’re not good dancers but they improved

Before Hashtags’ exit from the noontime show, Its Showtime, the group has visibly improved with their performance. Additionally, audiences often notice Ronnie as one of the members who couldn’t keep up with the steps during their performances. 

In their joint YouTube Page LoiNie TV, sweethearts Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte read mean comments from bashers on social media.

One of these comments came from a netizen who slammed Ronnie’s dance moves while he was with their group, Hashtags.

The comment reads, “Sino ba yung kalbong nasa likod? Pampagulo, di naman marunong sumayaw. Pacute lang.”

Ronnie answered, chiding the netizen. He acknowledged the slur about his hair at the time. Then, he highlighted that he’d rather be a kind and respectful person.

“Hindi okay na yung kalbo basta may respeto ka at mabait ka sa mga tao. Pacute-pacute sa sayaw ewan ko sa ‘yo,” said Ronnie.

After that, Ronnie jokingly admitted that several members of their group are not great dancers.

“Okay lang, madami na kami sa Hashtags na di marunong sumayaw eh,” Ronnie admitted.

He then added that he is trying to improve his dancing skills.

“Pero tintry ko ang best ko para gumaling sumayaw,” said Ronnie.

Before the Hashtags’ exit from the noontime show, I’ts Showtime, the group had visibly improved with their performance. Additionally, audiences often noticed Ronnie as one of the members who couldn’t keep up with the steps during their performances.

Hashtags were the all-male dance group of Its ShowtimeThey joined the noontime show back in 2015 and became one of its performers.

The dance group also had their own concert titled “Hashtags the Roadtrip Concert” in 2016 at the KIA Theater. The original members include Ronnie, Pinoy Big Brother alum Zeus Collins as the choreographer and de facto leader, Nikko Natividad, Ryle Santiago, McCoy de Leon, and Jameson Blake. 


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