Melbourne-based alternative band Brixton Alley share new EP ‘303’

January 8th sees Brixton Alley release their new EP 303, a highly energetic dose of feel-good music to soundtrack the start of 2021.

January 8th sees Brixton Alley release their new EP 303, a highly energetic dose of feel-good music to soundtrack the start of 2021.

With every listen, 303 offers something new to be discovered, with its high energy and fast sonic pace creating subtleties in the music that the listener might not catch the first few times round. This is a project made to be listened to, not just heard.

Mischievous percussion and guitars work to create a dynamic soundscape with a sense of youthful nostalgia. Brixton Alley have always had a great talent for writing lyrics that exploit the feelings of a generation and address the sentiments of the present, and 303 is no exception to this.

Speaking to the creation of the EP and the inspiration behind the writing they said, “Given what a rubbish year 2020 has been for most people, we felt that writing something a bit more fun and uplifting would not only lighten our moods, but also give people something to smile about.”

The band wrote the EP whilst they were living in Australia during the time spent in a national lockdown. They saw what to many was life-interrupting as an opportunity and let the creative juices flow unhinged.

Named 303 after the number of the flat they lived in, the new EP has a more up beat and spirited feel to it than previous release Nevermore. They use their unique style of singing in a rap style to aid the delivery of their music and create an animated atmosphere in the EP that gives listeners the urge to jump up and dance to without hesitation.

Speaking about the artwork for the EP which was hand drawn by bassist Ben they add, “We wanted the artwork to reflect the feel of the EP – something fun, with a party vibe going on. Throughout the image, there is something new to discover everywhere you look, whether it’s a nod to Footscray, the suburb we lived in, or an homage to VB, our (controversially) favourite Australian beer. Every time you look back at the artwork, you’ll see something you didn’t before, which, in-turn, reflects the lyrics to the songs – the fast-paced sung-rap means that with each listen you’ll hear a little something else that will make you smile.”

303 will be filling earphones worldwide offering a slice of hope and happiness in the wake of a global pandemic as we enter the new year and for time to come. Another addition to an excellent discography from a trio that is quickly becoming one of the most exciting bands in the industry.


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