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Vice Ganda reacts to Harry Roque who told the public to not be ‘picky’ with the COVID-19 vaccines

The Sinovac only showed 50% efficacy with many possible side effects.

It has been almost a year since The Philippines was put into lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there seems no other way to solve this turmoil but a COVID-19 vaccine.

As the year 2021 opens, the hope for this pandemic to end was sparked as some countries began with their vaccinations.

The Philippines already secured dosages of vaccines from manufacturers. However, the government earned flak as they made a deal with Sinovac.

The Sinovac only showed 50% efficacy with many possible side effects. Considering also its price, it is not the best choice for us.

But Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque demanded that the public to not be ‘picky’ with the COVID-19 vaccine. His statement shows how unsympathetic the officials as they settle for an ineffective vaccine.

Comedian Vice Ganda then reacted to this statement of Roque.

He quipped that we are even ‘choosy’ for with our laundry products so it is just right to be ‘choosy’ with the vaccine.

As citizens, we have the right to demand the best vaccine, most especially that our health can be compromised if the dosages fail.

Other celebrities like Agot Isidro and Nikki Valdez also criticized Roque’s statement.

Agot questioned Roque knowing that the funds will come from the taxes paid by the citizens. Valdez then pointed out the risk of Sinovac to our health if we will settle for its 50% effectivity rate.

A Chinese vaccine expert labeled Sinovac as the “most unsafe” COVID-19 vaccine in the world.

Despite being the first approved vaccine for the said virus, there were around 73 side effects reported.

Sinovac’s price, P3,629.50 for 2 doses, even proves how impractical it is to choose this vaccine compared to other brands like AstraZeneca having 62-90%, Pfizer having 95%, and Gamaleya having 92% effectivity rate, which are all cheaper compared to the Sinovac.

To recall, Roque’s guesting on Vice Ganda’s show Gandang Gabi Vice created a buzz online as it is evident how the host ‘grilled’ the spokesperson with intriguing questions. However, the comedian was also criticized for being rude to Roque.


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