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Antonio Trillanes IV hits on Sen. Ping Lacson’s Presidential choice is Sara Duterte

Your presidential choice because?

With 2022 elections just a year away, voters and politicians choose their candidates. Senator Ping Lacson now endorses Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

With that, former senator, Sonny Trillanes IV took to twitter to question the decision of Lacson. Now, Trillanes tweeted looking for a valid reason as to why Lacson decided to endorse Sara.

Lacson replied by saying the only suitable Presidential candidate in 2019–was Davao City mayor.

With that, Trillanes was glad that the senator is not rooting for Sara anymore.

The interaction between the two drew reactions from Netizens and got entertained on how Trillanes roasted Lacson.

Twitter personality @AltABSCBN wrote Lacson’s senate version when he placed his bets on Sara last 2019 for the Presidency.

Using the viral Kris Aquion ‘because’ meme, Netizens such as @binibiningKyla_ got entertained by the Trillanes’ humor and satirical response to Lacson.

@EyrielAmphie, obviously entertained, wrote that Trillanes threw some shade to the Senator’s Presidential choice.

And with him raising the question as to why he chose Duterte, @rabinacharlyne encouraged Trillanes to continue his sarcasm to the Senator.

Because of how influential the Queen of all Media is, even Trillanes got hooked on her viral remark. @jxnabs considered that Kris Aquino influenced the former senator into raising his clear objection the Kris’s way.

@Kelboinks888 even shared that his housemates’ choice was Sara Duterte. However, when the Netizen asked to give a justifiable reason to why they cannot find any.

With the banter between the two and one throwing the right question, will the other stay true to his decision? Or will he reverse it?

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