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Gerald Anderson denies accusations of ‘ghosting’ Bea Alonzo; Actress declares time as ‘ultimate truth teller’

“Wala po akong ghinost,” Anderson said. He clarified the term ‘ghosting’ and even hinted that he only chose to walk away from what he described as a ‘toxic’ relationship for many months.

After nearly two years since their controversial break up in 2019, Gerald Anderson finally broke his silence on what happened with his relationship with Bea Alonzo.

During his one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda on Friday, the Kapamilya actor has denied accusations that he ‘ghosted’ his then-girlfriend Alonzo instead of formally ending their relationship.

“Wala po akong ghinost,” Anderson maintained.

As he explained his side, he sought to clarify the term ‘ghosting’ and even hinted that he only chose to walk away from what he described as a ‘toxic’ relationship for many months.

“Ganito lang po ‘yun. Ano po bang definition ng ghosting? Kasi ang dating sa akin is parang nasa gitna kami ng dinner and nag-decide ako mag-walk out and ‘di magpapakita kahit kailan. ‘Yun ba ang definition? Or is it walking away from a very unhealthy, toxic — not saying na siya ‘yung toxic, ako ‘yung toxic — but being together, we were very toxic. And hindi nare-respeto ‘yung explanation na binibigay mo hindi tinatanggap. After months and months and months and months of being on the rocks at medyo away,” the 31-year-old Anderson explained.

If that’s what ghosting means, the actor admitted he might be guilty of it.

“I’m just gonna leave it at that. Bahala na po kung paanong ano. But, if ‘yun ‘yung ghosting, I am guilty of one of those two,” he said.

Anderson was also asked by Abunda if there was a formal breakup between them.

He admitted that the details of his break up with the actress never left his mind, but he refused to discussed it further because he did not want to cast anyone in a bad light.

“I can remember that moment like kahapon lang siya nangyari. But I can’t. I don’t have the guts to put someone in a bad light because gusto ko linisin ‘yung image ko or ‘yung side ko,” said Anderson.

He added, “Nasaktan [ako]. [Pero] wala na po akong magagawa, Tito Boy. Hindi rin ako ‘yung tipo ng tao na kahit ang daming nagsasabi na ‘di magsalita ka.’ I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror kapag nagkwento pa ako about my relationship, kung paano kami naghiwalay or ‘di naghiwalay’.”

But why, for such a long time, did he refuse to address the issue?

The actor stated in the same interview that he preferred to remain silent when the issue became a hot topic, especially on social media, explaining that he did not want to use other people just to clear his name.

“I will never throw someone under the bus para lang linisin ‘yung [pangalan ko]. Lalo na ‘yung tao na I have intimate moments with, I had happy moments with. Lalo na itong last, ang pangit. Ang lala,” he said.

He also said the fact that the details of their relationship being made public hurt him the most.

“Ang pinakamasakit pa is ‘yung what I’ve heard behind the camera. ‘Yung mga nakarating sa akin, ‘yung intimate moments namin. Bilang boyfriend-girlfriend. Parang, kailangan talaga umabot tayo sa ganito?” said Anderson.

Meanwhile, Alonzo on her Instagram account on Saturday (March 6), shared a reflection about time and its role as the “ultimate truth-teller.”

“I love going back to our farm in Zambales; there’s always something fun to do,” said Bea while featuring a photo of herself stepping into a stream.

“These are the moments I live for. The time that this pandemic allowed us to have to be able to spend time with the people we love is what I am most thankful for,” she added.

“So, here’s to TIME! Time that is best spent with family, Time that heals all wounds, and TIME AS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH-TELLER!” she concluded.


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The actor was accused of ‘ghosting’ Bea Alonzo back in 2019 after the acclaimed actress revealed that she and Anderson did not have a formal breakup.

“Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me,” Alonzo said in a statement.

The issue between the two celebrities started after Alonzo hinted on social media about her three-year-long boyfriend’s infidelity. Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto’s picture together went viral at the time, fueling speculation about their alleged relationship.

Anderson reportedly admitted to Dennis Padilla, his Between Maybes co-star’s father, that he is courting his daughter Julia. He and Alonzo had broken up, according to previous sources.

The actor previously stated that he tried to reach out to her former girlfriend, but he did not explicitly respond when asked if he did ‘ghost’ her.

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