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Kakai Bautista gets a formal warning from Mario Maurer’s camp against unauthorized use of the Thai actor’s name

The letter claimed that Kakai reportedly used the actor’s name in numerous instances, including TV interviews, which came to the attention of Kwaonhar Nine-Nine Co., Ltd.

Mario Maurer‘s management has demanded Kakai Bautista to refrain from using the Thai actor’s name for career or personal gain.

According to an article on Pilipino Star Ngayon, the publication received a copy of the demand letter from the Thai actor Mario Maurer’s legal counsel on March 22.

The lawyer of Kwaonhar Nine-Nine Co., Ltd., the management who handles Mario’s career–signed the demand letter.

With the subject: “Demanding to Cease, Desist and Refrain from further use and reference of the name of Mario Maurer.” 

Freddie Bautista of Artist Gallery Management (who manages Kakai Bautista) is the letter addressed to.

The letter claimed that Kakai reportedly used the actor’s name in numerous instances, including TV interviews, which came to the attention of Kwaonhar Nine-Nine Co., Ltd.

The demand letter read, “We have been informed of unauthorized use of Mario Maurer name by several events, and it has come to our attention that your talent, Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista is the person who continues to use the name of Mario Maurer to attach to herself without consent nor knowledge. 

“Moreover, not only Mario Maurer’s name but make the false statement related to Mario Maurer’s manager.”

They denied everything Kakai had previously said about her and Mario.

“Thus, we would like to confirm that all the statements made by Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista are hereby denied as the same are all false and untrue.

“By so using the name of our talent, Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista is improperly exploiting the name, image, and reputation of Mario Maurer and his manager, and maybe violating existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Thailand,” parts of the letter read. 

Mario’s camp demanded that the comedienne stop use the actor’s name or make any direct or indirect references to him.

“Cease, Desist, and Refrain from any further use of the name of Mario Maurer and his manager, or any reference to him, direct or indirectly, including but not limited to the uses described hereinabove,” the letter read.

They gave Kakai’s camp three days to respond to the demands.

The demand letter included copies of news articles in which Kakai claimed that she and Mario had said “I love you” and that Mario was the reason she felt safe during the pandemic.

The Thai actor’s management has denied this, stating that if Kakai continues to use Mario’s name, they will pursue legal action.

“Should you fail to confirm to us in writing that you have complied and/or will comply with the above demand to cease, desist and refrain under this letter hereof, our talent, Kwaonhar, and its staff will have no other alternative but to pursue (without any further notice to you) formal claims against your talent to protect his rights to the broadest extent.

“If you fail to comply with the foregoing, Kwaonhar reserves all of its legitimate right to claim for other damages and expenses incurred as a result of this matter. You should govern your contracted talent accordingly and responsibly,” it added.

According to the article, they already contacted Freddie Bautista, Kakai’s manager, to ask for a statement regarding the said matter. However, their camp said that they have not yet received a letter.

Meanwhile, the comedienne also has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

According to an article from, Mario’s camp informed them via direct message on March 24 that Kakai has not yet responded to the letter, although the letter, which was sent via e-mail, did not bounce and there were news reports about it.

Kakai, 42, has been asked about her relationship with Mario numerous times in media interviews since they worked together in Suddenly It’s Magic in 2012.

Their close relationship was first revealed during Mario’s guest appearance on Gandang Gabi Vice in the same year.

In a Showbiz Inside Report interview in March 2013, she detailed her relationship with the Thai actor, breaking down in tears about their unexpected friendship.

That same year, according to Kakai in her later interviews, was the last time they spoke.

Kakai was also allegedly banned from approaching Mario when he returned to the Philippines for an endorsement in 2016.

A local publicist who took care of Mario at the time confirmed that the actor’s Thai agents reminded him “to keep a friendly distance to avoid rumors of a romantic affair with the comedian.”

In December 2019, Kakai revealed on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” that their communication had suddenly stopped, without giving any reasons.

The comedienne-singer even revealed how she almost quit show business because of the bashing she received over her closeness to Mario; some even accused her of exploiting the latter and riding on his fame.

Meanwhile, the Dental Diva portrays Pepita in GMA Network’s Telebabad romantic-comedy series, First Yaya, starring Sanya Lopez in the title role.

She is also a Celebrity Spotter, alongside Kapuso hunk Derrick Monasterio on the Network’s newest reality game show, Catch Me Out Philippines, headlined by Jose Manalo.

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